Tuesday, December 25, 2007

It's Christmas! Can I swear?

Bollocks I can... Yes, the time has arrived, and not wanting to be yet another depressing message about spending Christmas alone I'll leave it at that. It's only just past midnight, and if dry and still light am planning to be possibly the only street photographer in action later on hopefully in the NW6 area. I am seeing my family later but it's a usual day so far.

I've already mentioned everything possibly ahead beyond today, and the last few days have only been occupied playing and writing quizzes online as well as missing a gym session as they closed very early and apparently didn't play a weekly football prediction game last week I was doing very well in till then. Tiny things but that's all I have at the moment. I've also lost a file which was literally next to the computer and involved about 12 pages printed off the internet I don't want to do again. So I'll spend a little more time looking for it although there was no chance it could be anywhere I can't see right now.

It's not new year yet but just looking at 2007 it has had its moments. Two more TV programmes in the can and one woman just crossed my pass mark with. I won't go into details with but you can work it out. Off the top of my head I can't think of much else beyond the usual, I took a couple of thousand photos, got the new video camera and produced some more albums. Average amount of work (always is overall although it has come in bunches for as long as I remember), and don't think I've seen anyone or been anywhere special, but also realised I don't have to. It's the people we know and see the whole time that count and if they're not there that's when life changes. Mine have drifted away gradually since 1981 and am now down to very few but know they come and go as they choose and not as I choose.
I may even go to bed early tonight, I've been online most of the day and really haven't got much else to do here. Too late for TV even if there was anything. All we need in life is someone to talk to at home and otherwise we are bound to run out of occupations. There really is only so much you can do at home and besides my photos the lack of friends nowadays has made going out pretty limited as well. So that is 2007, and no amount of therapy and meditation, let alone all this law of attraction pony is going to change that. Some things are truly out of our hands and I am unable to do a thing more to change it.


Casdok said...

Things can only get better????
Wishing you a lovley christmas!!

LadyBanana said...

I'll be looking out for the NW6 pix.. it is my area!

David said...

Thanks both, and hope you had a good one.
I managed to get to Childs Hill just long enough after the rain to do a bunch, and posted a few to the West Hampstead group even though they were just in NW2. And a video on youtube I've got on my links.

Pixie said...

sounds like 2008 ought to be the year for some very positive changes to stop the isolation going on here. Unless you like it like that then don't do anything!

Hope it all gets a bit more bearable soon, cause this whole festive stuff sucks, when your not in the right place to enjoy it.

David said...

Thanks Pixie,

I certainly don't like the isolation, despite living alone till 2002 I had a friend I spent a lot of time with (for most of the previous 30 years) and then they emigrated and left a huge hole. I got a girlfriend soon after who ended up in mental hospital for the rest of the year soon after we met and that was it.

You only need one or two special friends but they don't come when you look for them but when the time is right. But I am patient and keep going until things change again.