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Unidentified number plates

All these were seen in and around London on UK format plates, but not one a genuine UK issue. Remade plates on UK formats have become too common, and when I see a stationary car I can usually get a definite ID (Germans and French are the worst culprits). If anyone can shed any light on any possible country of origin, please let me know on

1) Totally unidentified vehicles

296698 H on LHD new Mercedes with US size plate holder underneath.

501 NA 383    77 OK TT

III 666         

CA 41041     MD 158 P'      

529 439        215678

SXA 1500     DK 695 DH

2613 LDD     TSO 2235              

BJ ZX 97*    MSO 4778#

*This is now confirmed as a fake plate as the owner claimed it was a remade Belgian one. Belgium only has up to 3 letters.

'Probably German temporary from Magdeburg

# (This isn't actually unidentified- see picture page- as the driver was kind enough to leave his real UK plate L 686 EPL, from Surrey, on his tax disc. The mystery is why he invented such a plate at all. Update. This plate is on an LHD Mercedes. L 686 EPL is registered to a VW, what a surprise.)


ILL 1702     ZH 372 CJ

 HHO 47024   SBV 30 Z+

+ SBV 30Z does actually fit with Singapore. The characters were a bit smaller than they should be, but it may have been. Oh dear, a re-entry. This was seen again on an imported Honda Civic on Hanger Lane. Though originally thought to be Dutch temporary, the Japanese square plates imply elsewhere, even the USA. They were also long term plates as I saw it over a year ago. I will reproduce it exactly as it appeared. Of course, forgery is not ruled out.




   KGF 9322

   KKH 9120  J 447 CX~  

   3 ERR 927"  PJ 158555  

"Only California recognised format

LU 56715     LU 53470

Could well both be Polish from Lublin


2) Genuine (?) foreign plates but could not read ID marking

P 000 550    II 705 700

The above two seem to have come from the same stable, both seen in Wembley, black on white European standard plates, and confirmed both do not exist on the planet Earth. Now we seem to have fakes imitating foreigners over here as well. They would be unlikely to get in the country (I hope) and were probably put on once they arrived. Sneaky buggers... I only hope I see one parked. Update, II is new code for official Ukraine but not in same format.

CAR 07         SV 99 NK-

BS 1500 L    SO-TIL 50*

I have also seen a foreign plate which didn't fit their system. It was a Belgian style plate, but had 6 numbers with a dash in the middle. Belgium produce lots of six number types, but none use their usual colours. This may have just been one of them made on a normal plate by mistake. - Possibly Netherlands, though why use white anonymous plates I can't tell.

*Could only be a custom plate, most likely Slovakian. Black on white.

3) Solved mysteries: IWW 201=Hungary (saw again) W 99485 L=Austria (saw again) 0052500=GB (OO 52 SOO) BJ 23674=GB (BJZ 3674) HH 996 Z ,BOT 810 Z, HH 2912 A, FU 319 A all German temporaries made in the UK style. ROK 2000 seen again with PL plate from Poland

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