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To all LBC listeners, and Talk Sport, this is the homepage for regular caller since 1980 David Howard, known, since 1995 as David from Kingsbury, (psychic Dave as well on Talk Sport) previously, a year in Canons Park, before that Finchley.
I am a qualified psychotherapist, graduate in law, and psychic researcher. My aim is to find a 'reality gap'. This is a hole in current scientific reality involving any repeatable phenomenon that breaks the rules of science, such as psychokinesis (PK), finding a spirit ar astral 'parallel reality', or similar anomalies in matter. It does not include any telepathy or remote viewing as this implies human minds acting like transceivers, which, considering their electrical output, is quite possible. It does, however, include the only twist in science I've ever experienced (for most of my life, in fact) of predicting the future. Though of little practical use, as if it happens, all we've done is prove time is not as we thought it to be, and if we prevent it from happening, then our prediction was wrong as it didn't happen! Otherwise it only makes life boring and predictable, so though I am fascinated by the fact it can be done, I never try and do it any more as it takes our attention from the present where we can be useful.
My research involves studying all methods used by Eastern and Western psychics, and testing them out in order to see if there is just one that is scientifically reliable- i.e. can be repeated easily, and also investing my money unwisely in devices said to allow psychokinesis, healing and other miracles to happen. The only success so far is a simple device used for many years to test PK made from a wheel which rotates when touched by a human hand. This regularly turns for minutes at a time and as it includes a rev counter, even if there is a draught, it can spin many times faster than any small air current indoors. I am still trying this out to increase its reliability etc. I have recently added UFO research, interviewing and meeting UFO experiencers
I am also studying the nature of life/God, as my  essay  illustrates. The 'meaning of life' message board is for discussions on anything here, and personal messages.
Since 2002 I have been writing articles on both psychotherapy and the supernatural, for professional journals, and the website. My email is

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