Thursday, December 06, 2007

Looking for the positive

The freedom continues, a little progress has been made, one more much appreciated reply and one return booking for next week. The almost unlimited photo memory I have has allowed me to take everything in case, and made some good shots as a result. Tomorrow is free and besides the housework list, none of which has been started so far, I may go and buy some meals in the usual places and who knows what else. But at least I'm keeping occupied, I took over 50 photos today just in one park, including a railway which runs through it as well.

I really wish there was more going on than just this, it may be nice to have few current problems and freedom but on your own isn't enough. I have written another online quiz which I corrected last night and hasn't been replied to yet. I got a video of 10 episodes of Crystal Tipps and Alistair (1972) for 50p which I haven't watched yet, as there were hours of TV to watch tonight already so will save it for tomorrow. As I said before, it's the little things most of the time. And (apart from one in the lower regions) mine are all little. And that's unemployed as well. I'm even thinking now maybe (despite financial demands) I may have been better missing out on some of my earlier contraception/lucky escapes in the past as having guaranteed at least one child, regardless of background, would have anchored one thing in my life besides material things. OK, I can still do it but can't do it on my own can I? The first opportunity I had was not a good idea so better I didn't, actually or the second (except they would have been tall as she was almost 5'10), actually I think all of them were clunkers so I would have had to keep up with them all my life despite dumping them soon after the events. Once you've done it you know what you're dealing with and sadly it either works or not.

But most things come at a price, which is why I meditate as that is free and can only make a profit. My healing is working well, the few people I do have been cured of all sorts of chronic pain and now mental problems as well. Although I have no idea how it works it seems to so I just get on with it. Unlike clairvoyance which I do understand, healing via sacred symbols seems totally fourth dimensional to me, and is really all I have experienced of it. It hasn't worked on me yet but anything's possible after the results I've had.

Finally (it should have a post of it's own but) someone I know was adding up (both) the times he'd been in love, and I made a list. It was a long one, and of them two were mutual. And very similar, not surprisingly. The rest I think didn't give me a look, one I met a week before she left the country (I went past her old house today as well), and then there were the borderlines, those who were not perfect but I would still take as realistic. They weren't interested either, some went out with me but never actually went past what I gather is first base. But the thing is it is possible but missed me totally. I still find more and get exactly the same results. Maybe I should go back to Boots and have a word with Kerry who served me there, old enough to be my daughter. What have I got to lose except my liberty when she gets me arrested?

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