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Abbreviations deciphered

Where relevant, common meaningless endings added such as -ite and -on
3m-Minnesota mining & manufacturing
A&M Records- Alpert and Moss
AAP-Advanced assigned policies
ABC bakeries- Aerated bread co.
ABN-Ansbacher Bank Nazionale
AC-Auto carriers
AC Milan- Associazione Circlio (football association)
AC (sparkplugs)-Albert Champion
Adamsez (toilets)- To sound like Adams's (owners)
Adidas- Adi (short for Adolf) Dassler
AEC Associated equipment co.
AEG- Allegemeine Electricitats Gesellschaft (general electric co.)
Aer Lingus- Air fleet (Irish)
Aeroflot- Air fleet (Russian)
AGA- Svenska Aktiebolaget GAsaccumulator
AGFA- Actien Gesellschaft fur anilien-fabrikationen
AJS (motorbikes)- Albert John Stevens
AJW (motorbikes)- Arthur John Wheaton
AKZO- Algemene Kunstzijlde Zout Organon (an amalgamation of 3 earlier Dutch companies- AKU- Algemene Kunstzijlde Unie, Koninklijke Zout-Ketjen and Koninklijke Zwanenberg Organon, these last 2 here first formed Koninklijke Zout Organon, then joined with AKU to finally form AKZO. I hope this is the longest ever explanation.)
Alba (electrical goods)-Albert Balcombe
Alcan- Aluminium co. of CANada
ALFA-Societe Anonyme Lombardy fabrici automobile
Alitalia- Aerolinee Italia (Italian Airlines)
Amdega (conservatories)- Ambition, determination & gain
AMF- American machine & foundry
Amoco-American oil co.
Ampex- Alexander Mathew Poniatoff Excellence
Amplex- AM (morning) chlorophyll comPLEX
AMRO- Amsterdam-Rotterdam (banks)
Amstrad- Alan Michael Sugar trading
Andrex toilet paper- St Andrew's
Araldite- Aero Research Ltd -ite
Arco-Atlantic Richfield company (Richfield just means rich oilfield)
Arndale Centre- HARgenbach & ChippiNDALE
Asda- associated dairies
ASK restaurants- Adam & Samuel Kaye
ASPRO- NicholAS PROduct
Aston Martin DB= David Brown
Atco- ATlas chain CO
Audi- Latin for 'listen' (Name of owner, Mr Horch, = listen in German)
Aveda- All veda (sanskrit for knowkeldge)
Avro- Alliott Verdon Roe (no room above door for A V Roe)
Bakelite- Mr. Baekeland-ite
Banda- Block & Anderson
BASF-Badische Anilin Und Soda-Fabrik
BAT-British American Tobacco
BBDO-Batten Barten Durstine Osborn
BDO- Binder Dijker Otte
Bejam- Brian, Eric, John and Millie (Apthorp)
Bendicks- Benson & Dickson
BEREC- British Ever Ready Electrical Co.
Berlei- different spelling of Burley
Be- Ro- Bell's Royal
Berol- Berolzheimer
Bic- Bich brothers
BICC- British Insulated Callenders Cable
Bimota (motorbikes)- Bianchi, Morri & Tambourini
Bio Strath- Bio = Life (Greek) Strathmeyer
Bismag- BISmuth & MAGnesium
Bostik- Boston (USA) stick
BN- Biscuits Nantoise
Bren guns- Brno & Enfield
Britax- British Accessories
Britvic- British Vitamin produCt
BRM- British Racing Motors
Brolac- Broadmead Lacquer
BSA- Birmingham Small Arms
BTR- British Tyre & Rubber
Burco- Burnley Components
BZW-Barclays De Zoete Wedd
C & A-Clemens & August (Brenninckmeyer)
Cafe HAG-Handels Aktien Gesellschaft (company)
Cagiva (motorbikes)- Giovanni Castiglioni, Varese
Cala-City of Aberdeen Land Association
Canon- Kannon -Japanese God of compassion & mercy
CAP Gemini (IT consultants)- Centre D' Analyse et de Programmation, Gemini computer systems
Castrol- Castor oil
CBS- Columbia Broadcasting Services
CE-Communite European
Cedex-Courrier D'Enterprise a Distribution EXceptionelle (preferential fast postal delivery)
Celmac (toilets)- Cellulose McArd (his children also said to begin with C E & L)
Chinon- Hiroshi Chino (name of founder)
CIBA- Chemische Industrie Basel Aktiengesselschaft
CISITALIA (cars)- Consorzio Industriale Sportive Italia
Clarnico-Claridge Nichols & Coleman
Commer- Commercial vehicles
Cona- Alfred Cohn
Conoco- Continental oil co
CQ-ceux qui m'ecoute de = to those who listen to me
Creda-= Credenda- things to be trusted (Latin)
Crosville- Crosland & DeVille
CS gas -Corson & Stoughton
Cyanamid- CYANogen AMIDe
CZ motorbikes- Czechoslovakian
DAF- Van Doorne's Aanhangwagen Fabriek (trailerworks)
Dan air- Davies & Newman
Datsun- Son of Mr Den, Aoyama & Takeuchi
Deeko- Dailley & co.
Delco- Dayton Engineering Laboratories co.
DER- Domestic electrical rentals
Dettol- DisinfecTOL
DHL- Dalsey, Lynn Hillblom
Diageo- Dia Geo Greek = through the Earth
DKW- damp kraft wagen (steam powered vehicles) or Deutscher Kraftfahrzeug Werke
Dobro- DOpera BROthers (and means 'good' in Czech).
DRG (Sellotape)- Dixon Robinson group
Durex- DU-rability RE-liability EX-cellence
'Dyb dyb dyb, dob dob dob' (as said by Boy scouts in UK)= 'Do your best, do our best'
ebay- e-commerce in (San Francisco) Bay area
EKCO- Eric Kirkham Cole
ELS (furniture)- Elliot, Louis & Saul (Goldstein?)
Elsan- Ephraim Louis SANitation
EMAP- East Midlands Allied Press
EMI- Electrical & musical industries
Ercol- Mr Ercolani
ERF- Edwin Richard Foden
Esselte- SLT (Swedish names)
ESSO-=S.O.=Standard oil
Etam-L'etat meilleur
Evo stik= Evode, Dove backwards
Extel- Exchange Telegraph
Facel- Forges et Ateliers de Construction d'Eure et Loire
Fanta- Fantasie
Ferodo- anagram of Mr Frood + E
Fiat-Fabrici Italiano Automobile Torino
Findus- Fruit INDUStries
FROG (models)- Flies Right Off the Ground
FTP-File transfer protocol
G de Z capital- Graham De Zille, ex S. African F3 driver
G plan furniture- Mr Gomme
Gilbern cars- GILes & BERNard
Giro (as in Giro cheque, Girobank)- German for transfer, Italian for circulation
GKN- Guest, Keen & Nettlefolds
Glaxo- from Galaktos (Greek = 'milk')
Glynwed- Glynn, Wednesbury
GKN- Guest, Keen & Nettlefolds
Great Britain- Only makes sense in French:= Grande Bretagne, to distinguish from 'Bretagne' = Brittany.
H. Samuel- Harriet
Halex- Hale End (Chingford, where made)
Hanimex- Hannes Import-Export
Harpic- Harold Pickup
Hasbro- Hassenfeld Bros
Heron (garages)- HEnry RONson
HFC bank- Household Finance Corporation
Hovis-Hominis vis (life of man)
HRG cars- Halford, Robins & Godfrey
HTML-Hypertext markup language
HTTP- Hypertext transfer protocol
Humbrol-Humber oil
Ibcol- Ibbetson Co. Ltd.
IC (used by police)- Racial identity code
IKEA- Ingvar Kamprad (from) Elmtaryd, Agunnaryd
Indesit- Industria Elettrodomestici Italia
IVECO-Industrial vehicle corporation
Jawa (motorbikes)- JAnacek- WAnderer
JCB-Joe Cyril Bamford
JD Sports- John & David
Jemca- Japan Europe Motor cars
JJB sports- J J Bradburn, plus, apparently, JJ Braddock & JJ Broughton
K shoes- Kendal
Kangol- silK ANGOra wooL
KITT (Knight rider car)- Knight industries Two Thousand
KLM-Koninklijke Luftvaart Maatschappij (Royal Dutch air travel co.)
Knirps umbrellas- little people ( German)
Konica- KONIshiroku CAmera
Kotex- cotton texture
KP-Kenyon products
KPMG- Kleiveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler
Kronenbourg 1664- year of founding
Lada- Dear One (in Russian)
LASMO- London & Scottish Marine Oil
LCD-liquid crystal display
LEC- Longford Rd electrical corporation
Lego- play well (Danish)
Leica- Leitz camera
Leigh RMI- Railway Mechanics Institute
LEMNUS*B- (Channel 4 UK advertising regions)- London, East & south, Midlands, North, Ulster, Scotland, Backup (on c4 text p.399, then press green button)
Lesney-Leslie & Rodney
Londis- London Independent Supermarkets
Lot (Polish airlines)- Polish for 'flight'
LSD- Librae, solidi, denari
Lucozade-Glucose ade
Lufthansa- air company  (German)
Lurpak- Trumpet pack (lur is a long trumpet)
M & M's- Mars & Mars
Malev (Hungarian airlines)- Magyar Legilkozlekedesi Vallalat (Hungarian air traffic co.)
MAN-Machienfabrik Augsburg Nurnberg
MANWEB- Merseyside & N. Wales electricity board
Man Ray- Emmanuel Radnitzky
Marcos- Marsh & Costin
Marmet (prams)- Morriss, Alice Rebecca, Morriss, Edward Thompson
Matra- Mecanique-Aviation- TRAction
Mattel- Matson & Elliot
MBNA- Maryland Bank of North America
MCA (Music) - Music corporation of America
Meggezones- Mr Meggeson
Mettoy- Metal Toys
MFI-Mullard furniture industries
MiG- Mikoyan & Gurevitch
Minic- Miniature clockwork
Minolta- Machine INstrument OpticaL TAjima
Mitel- Mike & Tel (Terry)
Mitsubishi- 3 diamonds (Japanese)
Muji (Japanese goods)- Mujirushu ryohin (plain quality goods)
Murine- MURiate of BerberINE
Muzak- Music / kodAK
MZ- Motorradwerk Zschopau
NASDAQ-National association of share dealers automated quotations
NEC- Nippon electrical corporation
NeHi- height of the bottles
Nike- Greek God of victory
Nissan- Nippon Sangko
Nivea- snowy in Latin
Norev- Veron backwards (owner's name)
NSU- Neckarsulm Strickmaschinen Union (Neckarsulm knitting machine union)
NTL-National Transcommunications Ltd
Nylon- New York/London ? (may be meaningless)
Olbas oil- Oleum Basileum
Osram- OSmium & wolfRAM (tungsten)
Ovaltine-Ovomaltine (eggs & malt)
Ozalid- Diazo backwards & L
Palitoy- Pallett Toys
Pap test (for cervical cancer)- Dr Papanicolau
Parmalat- Parma LATte (Milk, in Italian)
Pepsodent- PEPermint SOda DENTifrice
P G Tips- Pro (di)Gestee
Philco- Philadelphia Co.
Pifco- Provincial Independent Fittings Co.
Premarin (hormones)- PREgnant MARe -urINe
Psion- Potter Scientific Instruments -on
PSV Eindhoven- Philips Sport Vereginen (club)
PV (medical)- per vagina
Racal- Raymond & Calder
Racasan- Robert Alan Chandler SANitary fluid
Radox- Radiated Oxygen
RCA- Radio corporation of America
Rentokil- Entokil = killing insects. R added to distinguish from similar company
Ribena- Ribes Negra (Black currant)
Rizla- Riz (rice paper) Lacroix
Robbialac- Mr Robbia's lac (paint)
Roneo- ROtary NEOstyle (early copying machine)
Ronson (lighters)- Aaronson
Rotring- red ring (German)
Rowenta- RObert WEiNTrAud
RSVP (sherry) R & Showerings Vine Products
Saab-Svenska Aeroplan Aktie Bolaget
SABENA (Belgian airlines)- Societe Anonyme Belge d'Exploitation de la Navigation Aerienne (Belgian Ltd. Co. for the exploitation of air navigation)
Saints FC (Southampton)- St. Mary's church
Sanka (coffee)- Sans Caffeine
Sanyo-3 oceans (Japanese)
SAS-(in English) Scandinavian Airline services
SEAT- Sociedad Espanola de automobiles de turismo
SEC-securitized endowment contracts
Sega- Service Games
Semtex- Semtin (in Czechoslovakia) EXplosive
Shaef-Supreme HQ allied expeditionary forces
SIATA (cars)- Societa Italiano Applicazioni Transformazioni Automobilistiche
Simca- Societe Industrielle de Mecanique et carroserie automobile (basically 'we make cars')
Sony- Tape recorder called soni, from soni-c
Spar- fir tree (Dutch)
SR (toothpaste)- Sodium Ricinoleate
Stax Records- Stewart and Axton
Sten gun-Shepherd & Turpin, Enfield
Subaru- Pleiades constellation (Japanese)
Suntory- Shinjiro Torii (owner)
SWL- Safe Working Load
Taco Bell- Mr Bell's Tacos
Tan- Sad - Tandem Saddle
Tannoy- Tantalum Alloy
TDK-Tokyo denkikagaku kogyo (Tokyo electronics co.)
Teepol- Technical Products oil
Teflon- Polytetrafluoroethylene
Tesco- T.E. Stockwell, Cohen
Thames & Hudson- rivers in London & New York where located
Ti-Tube investments
TNT- Turner network TV
TNT (trucking)- Thompson Nationwide Transport
TNT magazine- The News and Travel
Tricentrol- Trinidad Central Oilfields
Trimoco- Tricentral (=?) Motor Corporation
TVR cars- TreVoR
U boats- Untersee
UBS- Union Bank of Switzerland
Uhu= Owl (German)
Umbro-Humphrey Brothers
Uniqlo- Unique Clothing
Univac- Universal Automatic Computer
URL-Uniform resource locator
VAG- Volkswagen Audi Gruppe
VARIG- (Brazilian airlines)- Viacao Aerea RIo Grandense (Rio Grande air transport)
VHS- Video home system
Vileda- Wie leder -like leather (German)
Vimto- Vim tonic
Vit-Be- Vitamin B
Vodafone- VOiceDAtafone
Volvo- I roll (Latin)
W H Smith- William Henry
Waitrose- Waite & Rose
Wal Mart- Walton
Warfarin- Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation coumARIN
WD 40- Water dispersant, 40th version
Welgar- Welwyn Garden City
Wincarnis- Wine & Carnis (Latin = meat)
WPP-Wire & plastics products (were shopping trolleys, name then bought by advertising co.).
ZIP code-zone improvement plan
These are the owners actual names
Birdseye, Biro, Chess (Records) Conde Nast, Converse, Cow (gum), Dr Pepper, Eno's, Fluor (engineering etc.), Gevaert, Hoseasons (holidays), Idris, Kenwood (= Ken Wood), Kir, Lemon Hart (rum), Mars, Mach (as in Mach 1), Opel, Stussy, Van Den Plas, Wells,Fargo.
These mean nothing at all (made up names)
Axa- 1st in list & easy to pronounce
Elf (oil)
Encarta (online information service)
Goya (perfume)
Haart (estate agents in UK)
Pan Yan

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