Sunday, December 02, 2007

Big Brother visit 2003


On July 25th 2003, while watching the last episode of Big Brother 2003 on TV, (of which anyone familiar with this site knows I am a great fan of,) it occured to me I can visit the studio, not far away, in case I see anyone leave.

I arrived half an hour after the show finished, thinking I may have missed everything. Imagine my amazement when I saw a little group of 5 girls camped out in front of the building, watching, right next to the main road, a tent containing the end of series party!

The tent was about 30 feet from the road, with a window the whole length of the front, so we could see everyone inside. The focus was poor, but knowing our heroes intimately, plus seeing what they were wearing on TV, it didn't take long to identify all 13 members one by one, including of course my great hero Jon Tickle. Just after I arrived Davina Mcall left and walked along the pathway next to where we were standing.

I thought I'd been lucky enough just to be able to recognise, albeit at a distance, all 13 of my heroes, but more was to come. We naturally got talking to the photographers coming and going as we were watching through the front gate which they all had to use. After about an hour, one of them who I'd spoken to already, came back and said ' go in- the door's open'.

I realised there were no security staff at the front- for some reason they were all (and I mean all 6 or more big guys) round the side, so as the door was open, I just strolled towards the window and straight away saw a spotlight filming Cameron and Justine, who had been sitting at a table out of our earlier view. Gos, Lisa, Nush and Anouska lined up to have their photos taken together, and Mr Shah, Ray's father, was sitting with Cameron. Ray was next to them, but I only really saw his back.

After about 5 minutes the doorman finally spotted what was now the remaining three of us left, and escorted us back outside, but I had already completed far more of my mission than I could ever have believed before I got there. The only (and not a very big deal) small thing was I hadn't seen Jon close up, but that was nothing compared to seeing the others close up and all 13 in some way. I only realised afterwards this was the ONLY TIME EVER one could have seen all, or more than just a few housemates together without an official ticket, and I had done it, without even planning it! Someone up there was smiling on me tonight, I'd just told a few people my next ambition was to meet a (any!) Big Brother housemate. The next day I'd met all 13. In the words of the great Dr. Harry Hill, 'What are the chances of that happening?'

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