Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My current position

I have a few little and larger possibilities on my system again, having just submitted 8 photos to Garden photographer of the year. My American TV programme is pencilled in for next month and I have various meetings with people on their way sooner or later. Meanwhile I've found a way to get the new video camera to agree with Youtube by going on long play and slowly trying longer and longer clips as I can't edit a thing once I've recorded it as there is no software included or available I know of. Plus it gets dark after 10 minutes out so little more time to take any more anyway at the moment.

The company producing the other programme have changed their phone number, ignored my emails and probably my fax so something very silly going on there. They aren't responsible for the schedule but the only ones I know who know it. Except there isn't one. Autumn is gone on Friday and certainly not on when promised after failing on their July date they advertised first. Having said that they have made the thing which I have so if they didn't do it I always can. But they are pretty unlikely to make it and not use it, I just wish they'd admit they don't have a schedule and why not so I could stop having to chase them.
Otherwise I've had plenty of time to think about my own activities and realised there's no need to do anything just because other people do or to talk about it. In economics they call it opportunity cost, if you're not doing one thing you must be doing something else, in my case furthering my media career and networking. I've built up a huge portfolio of photography and art plus meeting a few people online (so far) who may be able to help. What I did instead was not at all productive and put on 2 stone eating cake out. So I go to far fewer places but produce a lot more. And I can't see friends as the main ones aren't here and the others are minding their own business (mainly the divorce type) and kids so no time for me.

So I don't go out much but write and learn and generally produce. I would see friends more but few are left. There's no point fighting too much against your circumstances, things happen on their own and change while you are doing something else, not because you changed them. When I get my next few media results I'll have proved it was all worth it and the time I've spent either at home or out taking photos has all been in a valuable cause and none would have been possible if I'd been doing what others do or what I used to most of the time. And walking in the parks is good exercise besides the photos, So I have finally become immune to the comments/advice as I realise I'm doing what has to be done and not missing anything I should be. Plus had I never tried all those things I'd have missed out but I've probably done as much as many have in their lifetimes and looking for something else now. It's all about being with the right people (which I'm not) and making the most of your talents, which I am. Eventually that'll pay off and probably help the social life as well. But that is a long and slow process but well worth it if it works.


Casdok said...

Fingers crossed that it works for you!

LadyBanana said...

Hello, just thought I'd say hi as I drop in your blog!

David said...

Welcome casdok and ladybanana, and glad you followed me here from Flickr. Good to see you both.