Saturday, December 22, 2007

Friday report

I'm pleased to see the blog community has become active again, the period of posts from 2003 and 4 being displayed as most recent seem over and whatever the reason it all seems to have woken up at last.
For the new readers I ran out of my own philosophy months ago when I'd completed the circle and found there was little or nothing new to discover. All I learned was we should aim for pleasure but have no direct way of achieving it. Sad but true. Since then all I can report are my own experiences towards or away from said pleasure and also appeared to have run out of toilet related stories as you can only rearrange the essential topics in a few ways before you've done it all. Including someone wiping it on the wall in 1964.

So, since last visit I have just been given half the schedule for my easily biggest TV appearance. It's only the first week but implies I am on WETV (US cable) on Jan 19th at 8.30 EST. Alien Abduction (Ayumi episode) for anyone who can get it. All on their website .
with more detail next month. Unlike my last UK filming which has been put on ice and now even the producer has gone incommunicado although the series is made and on DVD for participants already. I think there must be legal problems as little else can halt plans like that.
I am also carving out a small social life for the next couple of weeks, one certain and the next movable but probable around that time. More on that after any possible event. Work is dribbling back which is useful and when the light is OK I'm still doing the videos. I was up too late today for it but have another planned when I can. Maybe even tomorrow.

What else? A music CD from America that'll probably take weeks, a new sweatshirt I don't need which arrived today (rally type stuff, very hard to find and usually expensive), and after a couple of months my favourite woman has been back in the gym, and two days running! I doubt she has or will ever know what I think but besides the father of her child being a barrier, I would like her to know regardless. Some women can tell but not many. I have dropped hints and pointed her to my websites but with the new baby now has no time for much else. Not planned and not married by the way. She's happy but he's pretty stunned by the whole thing, which I wouldn't had it happened to me. Far from it. Makes my day anyway when I see her if nothing else.
Meanwhile I await inspiration and am off to bed.


Casdok said...

I must have a browse and see if i can find your toilet stories!!

David said...

I think most were before the tags were provided, I'm not sure where but if you can't find them let me know, I'll have a dig around.