Saturday, December 19, 2009

Almost very interesting

Well the system nearly beat me but now know they must have engineers on round the clock as the cable went down at 12.30 am when I was writing this and just came back a few hours later, and I only came down to check as I needed to play a couple of daily quizzes I'm in this month. Nice to get a decent result on the internet for a change. I'd just written that the first step in world government would be when they agreed a deal at Copenhagen as it would set a precedent of the first legally binding law worldwide. It didn't happen but when it does they will then be able to have a tax that operates independently of who we elect. Very 1984.

Secondly the agreement they made would have made me pee my pants laughing had 99% of the media and half the world not actually swallowed it. They have 'agreed to keep world temperatures down by 2''. Now that is like the Mafia, who I mentioned yesterday and clearly now running the UN. They have a very similar deal, pay us weekly and we won't wreck your building. Now in 30, 60, and even 90 years each generation will see the figures and say 'Wasn't Barack Obama a saint as temperatures haven't gone up 2' '. Well Sherlock, you know why? Yes, because they weren't going to. Now if I say (as the rival messiah) the sun will rise tomorrow will that make me a saint as well? Grow up world and see the bullshit.

Meanwhile the real power lies with each individual to avoid any of the crap life sends us. Until they physically lock us up the bright can dodge and swerve as much oppression as possible, and my next prediction is that it will soon become an offence worldwide to deny global warming, and no, that is not a joke. They can make any damn law they like and believe me this is just the start of it.
So I'm up an hour later than I should be but 'business as usual'. Sod all to do tomorrow and beyond, and would really like more than making the best of nothing, housework, snow and ice, phoning dubious people and more. The next test (also inspired by a message I just received mirroring my own type of experiences) is to see how the guidance covers everything, not just the active periods. It has to technically cover every moment and a challenge to see how. I may for instance expect tomorrow to lack every single element of possible interest, think of no more when it actually arrives, and something happens to change it.

So until I'm either employed by a media outlet or arrested for my anti-establishment essays I'll be writing it all here. Technically if you detach from the hype then analysing simple data will tell every person on earth the same thing:

Atmosphere- very large.
CO2- under 0.1%
Our contribution- 3%

These figures are not in dispute, just the suppositions from them. Judge the tree by the fruit, when they announced not the current figures but 'predicted' ones, what was the result? Huge taxes. The sole result of the story of global warming has been to rob us and restrict third world expansion. That is not science but dictatorship. And more figures:

Sea level rise in the last 100 years- 8 inches
Predicted sea level rise for next 100 (multiple choice)
a) Ten feet
b) 12 inches
c) 100 inches
d) 2 feet

I obviously know these are the official figures and which one is correct, but the morons who call the radio about what the heck will happen to the Pacific islands I guarantee haven't a clue.

Lack of education is the real disease, that opens the door to the gullible and those who take advantage of the masses who are. Don't be a sheep, don't be a follower, look up the facts!


Roger Hooton, Nuriootpa, South Australia said...

Oh David I must pull you up on being taken in by the weather people, you know meteorologists they are officially called. You have said above and I quote "the sun will rise tomorrow". David the Sun does NOT rise. It is an optical illusion. Your eyes and brain assume it becuase your brain is still partly as it was 80,000 years ago.

Every evening when I watch the TV News and at the end the Weather Forecast comes on and the presenter says at the same time the captions are being shown "And the Sun will rise at ...... and will set at......" And every evening I shout very loudly at the television screen "The Sun does NOT rise you stupid idiot. It is AN OPTICAL ILLUSION. The Earth spins on its imaginary axis once in approx 24hours and thus it LOOKS like the Sun is moving when in FACT the Sun is more-or-less in the SAME place. The Earth goes around the Sun. NOT the Sun going around the Earth in approx 24 hours." I have been shouting that for many years. And when I am around at friends places and the Weather Forecast comes on during daytime television and I hear or see those stupid word Sun rise and Sun set I still shout at the television. I have even written to the television stations about it and to newspapers becuase THEY print in the papers, like they also have on the Internet, Sun rise and Sun set.
How can anyone trust and believe these meteorologists who are university trained and thus assumed to be intelligent when they still believe in fairy tales of the Sun rising and setting? That is also a reason why I don't believe these global warming and climate changing morons.

Yes David this IS one of my DAILY grumps that I have. I just hate seeing and hearing the terminology "Sun RISE and Sun SET."

Roger Hooton, Nuriootpa, South Australia said...

Questions in need of answers. 1) How did the tens of thousands of delegates and others get to Copenhagen? - Did they walk and swim or did they travel by aircraft, boats, cars, coaches, trains and other motorised transport? 2) On their way there did they eat organically grown local food and drink or was it transported with them or came from places outside of a 80kms (50miles) area of where they were at the time they ate? 3) Did they use china or clay food containers and eating implements to enable them to eat and drink such? Or did they use plastic containers etc and even iron cutlery? 4) When they went to the the toilet did they avoid using toilet paper which is a waste of trees used for such and did they avoid using water to dispose of their toilet waste? Did they take their toilet matter back to their own home or leave it in Copenhagen to get rid of? 5) Did they use paper, computers, printers, ink, mobile phones etc to communicate with each other or did they use energy and resource saving just talking without artificial means? 6) When they were in Copenhagen wherever they stayed did they switch on electric lights, have artificial means to provide heating and washing or did they use lighting from the Sun only during the daytime and through window, of course the windows have no glass, and did they refuse to have heated rooms and water etc? 7) What sort of clothing were they wearing? Was it naturally discarded animal fur/skin from naturally dead animals or was it from commercialised grown cotton/wool etc fibres and man-made fibres? 8) What sort of homes do these people normally live in? Are made from mined materials like stone, metal, glass, plastic etc or are they from naturally decaying wood and plant materials? 9) What sort of TOTAL CARBON POLLUTANT FREE LIFE do these people normally actually live and how do they do it? 10) Do these people have children and grandchildren? Or are they helping the world in reducing world population by NOT having children? 11) Why do these people with their high moral standards that they have to preach to others to say "DO AS I TELL YOU otherwise WE ARE ALL DOOMED and so is planet Earth and all that is in it" do they preach their messages via television, radio, mobile phones, computers, newspapers and magazines, graffiti using paint on buildings etc?

I await with interest the answers being shown on world-wide television, radio, newspapers and magazines, the Internet etc THEN AND ONLY THEN will I believe in what they are saying I should do to supposedly SAVE PLANET EARTH FROM DOOM.

David said...

Well that's what the internet is for, that never occurred to me till now, but just needed a relative certainty for comparison. If you know the old joke the only other one I knew only applied in one situation, ie do farts have lumps in them miss? No Johnny, they don't. OK, then I've defnitely shat myself. Luckily that wasn't an option for me.