Saturday, December 05, 2009

I've done it!

The more time passes, despite what appear to be gaps, the guidance continues, and I seem to almost feel when something is close as well, besides having predictive dreams. From a wild goose chase to a misidentified sign on Saturday I made two trips to mop up the private signs around Regents Park, having already done the ones actually in it I discovered they were in the surrounding roads as well as I checked when I knew I'd be there last weekend. After then bumping into my mum's incredibly sexy neighbour for the third time while shopping I carried a couple of stone of bags home, and was absolutely knackered.
Then I looked in my messages and had a link for a sign someone had found half an hour from me, and it was actually a genuine one with the red triangle on top.

I have one, also in London, but with an edge missing, this had no picture (many text only panels had them as well) but had been fully restored and looked like new. There you go, it can happen sometimes. And just for those with a little knowledge of these phenomena, I'd done some dowsing on a map drawn on a piece of paper in case that could focus me to where the sign could be, as I was trained with cards and other items, and wrote a few names, and just one in large capitals, for no reason other than it seemed to come to me, "BARNET". I'd totally forgotten this as it was a few weeks ago, and looked back a few pages in the notebook and there it was, exactly where it was in reality. What trick will I pull next I wonder? Another one, and maybe a woman as well?

Work tomorrow (1 session anyway) and then a normal weekend, but one less thing to search or hope for. I actually checked the same road on Streetview already but had a tree covering the sign which has been cut down now, and couldn't see it. Meanwhile I'm just keeping busy, doing my shopping (christmas cards today), and getting jobs done in the house. Then the ridiculous Copenhagen summit next week, the greatest organised crime in the history of the world, and I suspect the wind's been taken out of their sails. Any honest and intelligent person can't now accept any of the guff we've been fed since Michael Mann invented the theory based on a false computer model, and with Al Gore managed to convince half the world to tax their citizens and drive them back to the stone age 'because they said so'.

Global warming has operated as an intelligence test for the world, and many people failed but more have passed, given the general opinion of the ordinary guys who call the radio with no axe to grind and most respectable journalists who get paid to disagree with the establishment if they do, not sacked. And my final point, to answer a typical twat on the radio, is that no one has to be a scientist to have an opinion, that is what a jury does, and the IPCC. They rely on scientists to make their own minds up and once the scientists drop the BS and start telling the truth there won't even be a case left to hear.

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