Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Progress, what progress?

Boy it's gone quiet- I did have some work today so not a total wipeout, but other plans have ended in nothing so far, and spending ages on forums presenting data on global warming most prefer to avoid. I clearly have a job to do as each believer gets sucked in, chewed up and hopefully spat out. The trickery involved make the mafia look like rank amateurs.
The snow has been replaced by two solid days of rain, I found another sign obscured by a tree online not far away, and found what I suspected, a pair of urban clearway signs on a suburban road in Surrey. No idea how they were put there, not old but just odd.

After work I've been clearing the house ready for tomorrow's visitors, I didn't go out for food due to the lousy weather and hope tomorrow's better, as I've got to cater for everyone regardless. I would be out for a walk now if it was dry but can't plan everything. I did also phone the very much ex from the middle of nowhere only to find she'd moved house and had her mobile switched off. I'll have another go though, I want to know why she's dropped me after over 30 years backwards and forwards when she was married and abroad among other things. That is a loose end that has to be tied. I also have to go to the neighhbour's bank tomorrow while probably pissing it down, and pay to park there. I was given yet another mission as well (one favour usually leads to many more) but haven't received my instructions yet so may not be able to till after the next holidays. Unless it arrives in time.

I'm still waiting for anything decent to happen for a while now, little things have turned up on and off but the momentum has swung the wrong way for a bit with lots of little things going wrong. Again it's an energy stream and can see how just like when a woman goes off you when you show yourself up, life has gone off me for a while and whatever I do besides work seems to have turned nasty. All outside my control, illustrating that if you don't work on yourself the world continues to go up and down eternally. Except mine isn't going up and down but switching to all and then nothing for weeks or more. That is the same proportions but not the same randomness, so still guided even when through series of field pancakes. I'm surviving so far but seriously stressed at the moment. Even the simple exercise of going for a walk can't be done (unless the rain stops before bedtime after 48 hours or so, some chance), so I'll keep tidying, watch more of my old videos (I'm still trying to find a part I did in Essex that has to be there somewhere) and any more will come from outside.
The stress is apparently (we have to look for the reasons) there to train me to protect myself from it, but stress is stress and hundreds of times worse with no one to help.

So I can only hope for better, it has been better and the ghosts of earlier times have returned just like the bad weather, dropping their feculence (look it up) over me and coming back for another go. I suppose everything has a polarity in duality (they are the same thing really, one is the general to the particulars) so energy can be as much the dark forces as the light. I need to find ways to clear these away as even when they appear to be going they still hang around and empty the remainder of their intestines on me before hopefully finally moving on. I still see energy systems at work around me, and have to learn to direct them or else I get the lot.


diver said...

'... surviving ... but seriously stressed at the moment'

I was surprised to read that line. It made me think how stable you come across in most of your posts, I dunno, the famous 'detachedness' associated with Aquarius or something?

Anyway, sorry to hear you're stressed. Do you suppose it's associated with the so-called festive season? It certainly stresses me, like some sort of collective stampede of psychic energy runs through the environment.

Sorry I have no advice for 'protection' ... it just knocks the shit out of me every year. Nowadays I just go 'limp' and get tossed around by other peoples' emotional agendii. So I just close down psychicly for a week and look forward to January 2nd. Phew, that's tomorrow :)

All the best for 2010 David!

David said...

Thanks diver, the stress isn't seasonal, it's just when everyone dumps on me at once. All gone now though I think. And that included someone trying to get money out of me I may never have seen again. No way! He just tapped some other poor sod instead, I hope they get it back.
I am stable I think, I only wobble when expected to do something I either won't or even worse may have to do. If I'm not under any demands I'm normally OK otherwise, have a happy new year as well.