Monday, December 21, 2009

Something from nothing

This time last week I'd found an old sign on Streetview (rarest set of all) and was twiddling my thumbs waiting for the following day when I could go there and check. With nothing else to do I searched for more on photo sites, and after a few hours just at bedtime I found one a few miles away taken in June. So Monday I went there and found it, although there had been two in the parallel road that were gone a year ago when I discovered them. Later I drove the 20 miles or so to the other one to find a lamp post. A one one draw but got paid for it so in profit with something I wasn't expecting to find there.

This weekend I am lost, since the car radio was fixed on Tuesday for nothing it snowed and froze and just made quick trips to the park and shops before it got dark. I'm back on the net searches now as I can't go and take them if I don't look online. You can't drive every street in London just in case, but I did as many main roads as I could before Streetview and still drive whole towns in Surrey which doesn't take as long as you'd think. Besides being coralled into cleaning out someone's garage (I think he's scared of spiders, honestly!) on Wednesday (slightly less trouble than a funeral but no more pleasurable) the diary's clear ahead. But so are the ideas. If Roger's prediction of the next woman coming to me happens it will save my wasted effort trying to catch the impossible, like when the red triangle sign turned up at random in my messages after I'd already Streetviewed the spot. As I say, half and half, we can't make all our own results by effort.

I'm glad to say I did just get to summarise my last entry on Copenhagen on the radio, as what they did is no less than the biggest fraud on earth, as it involves every country that was there. How the most trivial amount of an equally trivial and vital gas can be blamed for something that hasn't even happened shows me how the world IQ is so damn low there are enough sheep to swallow the garbage and not see the huge holes that grow week by week until there'll be no garment left, just a few threads. Like the emperor's although you could never see these except in your imaginations.

There is the flow diagram I do which I can try and reproduce here for the unknown time ahead, thank goodness since things seemed to be guided the random has appeared to be more positive than in the toilet on average as it did previously.

Now:--------expected------> No more than usual> 1 week 2 weeks > possible book
\------better------find another sign
\ ---any unknown good news
\ ---other project completed- sign saved/completed Hertfordshire
\---->late result from past efforts

Usually this would have stuck stubbornly to the predictable line, but now signs have turned up about weekly for a year, with Streetview to help even after I'd covered most of London physically already. But the climategate emails saved me the hard work I've been putting in more and more for years saying what I knew they were up to, and now unless people believe their excuses (er, they didn't have any) we know. Things can shift in every stuck area, and even though the poor green bedwetting sheep are wetting their pants even more as Obama and his merry men haven't agreed to rule the world with an iron staff, it's their money that would be saved if all this stopped today as well as mine. So like God in the bible you have to teach your children with your greater knowledge even if they feel hard done by. I am honestly trying to save us all including the wimps and wets who can't challenge a thing they are told by anyone in authority.

So I have another test of the guidance. I really trust it now as although there's been plenty of shit to slip in since it happened I don't seem to have broken anything when I did. I do my bit, I spend hours searching online when nothing else to do, and always get other photos when I find something unless I go in the dark. I hadn't been to some places I used to know well for years as no reason or incentive, plus the congestion charge as a Berlin Wall with cameras. I'm sure Surrey has more, probably even a red triangle on some farm track, but how long would it take to find one?

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