Thursday, December 24, 2009

Snowed in, week 2 begins

The snow (day 8) made sure I had little to do and more time for the computer again, although may be gone tomorrow as it's been raining for hours. Last night some total mental midget called the radio claiming the snow wasn't due to global warming but climate change. He must have been pretty young as anyone about 50 or more will tell you snow here in December is not new, but perfectly normal. And moving the snow from early winter to late winter isn't much of a change either, it's still snow. I'm wondering how far these modern day Jesus freaks can stretch the scapegoat mentality the way Hitler did, and instead of the Jews blame every ill on climate change. It's a virus that's affected some and others not at all. I work to neutralise them one by one and honestly every soul I save with simple facts is a miracle, just like a cult buster for the routine is identical.
I say it every time, I'll stop going on about it when they do, but if I ignore it they'll think they're right.

I do suspect many would do just that, if global warming was admitted as yet another 'mistake' (we know what that really means) then they'd just switch to something else, as they feel so victimised by the world if the people can't be blamed for having more money than them and actually daring to drive cars, then the Jews will be a very easy alternative target. With a recession I just saw a big knob on Facebook picking apart the recession and blaming Zionists. Now Hitler has not died in spirit as the same now hard left (they called themselves socialists as well) have the same views but just replace the word 'Jew' with 'Zionist'. Not all correspond but a pretty high correlation, enough to assume a connection with hating either/both. People who blame others for the problems in their life are going to bully people unless they grow up, which rarely seems to happen.

The news has been extremely quiet this week, outside and around me, and am finding it hard to do any more to make anything interesting happen. There's a fixed amount of data on the internet, as items in my house, and when you've found all the items in any set, like old road signs, you can't keep looking any more. I hope things pick up soon, even though the interesting period has been something quite recent I do miss it when it goes and it all appears to return to the way it was before. I can see how what they call raising your vibration works, and don't think it will drop much once you have whatever it seems at the time. Once you've seen a new system work you don't expect it to disappear. And a week since I took a photo- I did the whole snow lot in February and besides the roads being unusable they'd all have looked the same if I had got anywhere. There was a bit more TV on today and had to wait in for the cleaner so missed a trip I intended to make when the sun was out. Then I heard the main road was down to a single lane and backed up for miles, and the cleaner was caught in it for an hour as well. So I stayed in besides a trip to replace the milk I got from a less reputable outlet that packed up two days before it was supposed to. I really haven't achieved a lot this week as there wasn't a lot left to do indoors. There aren't any friends for miles and can't go out in the evenings to the few who may have me while the roads are iced over. Of course my grandma took up two evenings a week for some years till June, but where she lives I may not have got to either as the top of a very steep hill and people have been sliding down them here for a week. This time there's really very little else I could do.

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