Thursday, December 10, 2009

Get thee to Copenhagen

I'm still being tested, but to see how the ordinary everyday shit we all get can be dealt with without any help. I had a lot but think I got through OK. The arsehole at the county council just told me after all my requests he was simply removing the old sign I asked them to paint. Fucking bastards these officials are, I'm never wasting my time with one again. None want to help, they do something if they think they have to. I've asked my little online groups to help and also contacting the press but one thing little Hitlers do is make their minds up finally. I can't think of more than one occasion that hasn't happened, and then maybe the decision wasn't as final as it looked at the time. And that was a bloody big one so if any have to change their mind his was the most important. The others are just annoying, that was my whole career.

So having survived the date, and now apparently in a position where she appears to want nothing or marriage (why do people try and force me to extremes?) where I'd give it at least a year like most sensible people. But it went OK otherwise and we did get to talk about the total lack of any relationship despite everyone else around expecting it to happen. My car radio is up the shoot, and no guarantee or clue how many figures it will cost. I may just put in an old one except the space is twice the size of any other radio. The camera memory card is supposed to be under guarantee, although I can't find the receipt they seem not to mind.
Tomorrow I may try another place for a car radio, go and get a football programme for someone if they're open (and the sign in daylight) or something else if not possible. But I'm free, the arrangement to tidy at my late grandma's being cancelled although I had to do my part but went tonight. The fixed roof was not fixed and flooded the study, and is now pissing down before the builder arrives tomorrow.

So I've passed through a storm and come out in one piece, and if the sign (probably unique now) is removed I've got the photos so sod them. Had I said nothing it would still be there in another 50 years but the chance of seeing it like new was almost worth the risk. Just confirmed never mess with the enemy. No more plans really. The photo book may be out this month, but when someone 'hopes it will be...' I'd give it three. Or maybe six. Meanwhile Copenhagen continues, they have found a solution to burning fossil fuel, they're burning our money now instead.

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