Monday, December 07, 2009

A bit of a mystery

Forthcoming events have always cast a cloud over my life unless something else is distracting me, and if my mind wonders I'll be worrying about Tuesday until it's over. My nature and outside my control. Otherwise it's been very quiet, the work was cancelled on Saturday and pissing with rain so got my paperwork done and then fiddled about till I went to the gym. No plans either so like every other event and plan before half is my work and half is from outside. The guidance must now deal with what causes the stress and somehow make me immune from more and more or any potential problem will get me every time.

Other than that little is happening in the present, and being December can quickly look back and say I've done more ths year than about the last three. Collecting old road signs has got me in a 30 mile circle I hadn't explored for some years. The new car also makes it easier although the radio gave out and just hope it's under guarantee as has to go back on Tuesday. Better than the car packing up anyway. I do need some more inspiration, I've completed a major mission but life has to follow and be used.
Tomorrow is a blank slate altogether, as is most of the week really. That's the rest of the mystery but once the 'date' (it's not as she's really showing no interest in more than my car and where it can take her) is over I shouldn't really care.

So the guidance is being tested now to see whether it can also drag me from the depths as well as point me to the highs. If you fall then Buddha was right that all the good and bad cancel out and you must stop being affected by both. If anyone can truly claim that I'd be very surprised but part of the teaching. I'll go for any percentage improvement, 100% being a miracle.
If anyone knows where the link is for 'add instant blog reactions' let me know, it comes up every now and then but never when I need to activate it. Not very good marketing.


diver said...

Hi David. To enable Reactions, log in to your dashboard, go to Layout > Page Elements and click the Edit link in the Blog Posts element to open the blog post configuration tool. Then, check the box next to Reactions, edit your reactions as a comma-separated list, and click Save.

David said...

lovely! I wish it was easier so I could have found it months ago, but we'll see if anyone uses it now!