Saturday, December 12, 2009

Inspiration required

My current task, to convert potential freedom to something interesting. I've done what I had to do today (get a quite expensive memory card fixed for nothing on my camera) and have basically cleared all the expansive vista of shit from the past week and in my opinion did pretty well. The last time it was clear plenty arrived to keep me busy, and one of those times other people have to be as much responsible as me. I've also got the car radio (which I have to pay for) to fix on Tuesday so I can listen to more than one station and that's it.

If the next decade of my life (a month ahead roughly) means dropping the bar even lower for marriage material I may be after blokes at this rate. No, that won't happen but some of the women may resemble them... I mean we all need to eat but won't eat anything even if good for us. Of course we'd die without food so if I had to eat some creepy crawlies to stay alive I probably would, but won't die if I don't share my life with one. And I had another offer, but as women turn down 80% (or more) of offers to them I'm entitled to turn down 20% of the ones I get. Not even a road test here unless it comes gift wrapped.

Tomorrow is the beginning of my new project, fill the space and time. No photos as by the time the cleaner arrives it'll almost be dark, but the one thing I should do is phone the only woman I like who stood by me intermittently for over 30 years before dropping me like most of the others. A final ending there. That's a start anyway, and presumably Streetviewing will continue regardless until every road is covered (pretty close already). Despite the latest and best sign being invisible on it. But quite a few were not and damn useful to have had. Now the other thread that can be tapped (it happens now and again) is miracles. Rather than spread it so wide, I'll go for one type, and a very rare one, people changing their minds.

Now technically I could write another article on this. It does happen sometimes, especially in politics, but not for personal or work decisions. Even I don't very much. Not that I make any that affect other people so rarely had the need to be persuaded. If I was a lot of the time unless the person was a criminal or thereabouts I may give in just to do my bit as a saint. Giving up your own pride to help someone who needs it is the act of a saint as how many times has it happened to you? Not many I'd guess. I have a list of arseholes and twats who have stitched me up badly in the last few years, and the ones I know would be more likely to 'walk up the Strand with their cock/alternative in their hand' (to quote an old rugby song) than swallow their pride and apologise or equivalent.

And have I come across (and still do) some prizewinners. Twat of the century level. If I didn't value my life I'd like to name each one and why here, but those things have a way of coming back and biting you, but basically they:

Called me every name under the sun after I did them a favour and never spoke to me again.
Set me up to wreck my plan to replace an old sign and then insulted me for it.
Pretended he'd fix an old sign and then planned to remove it after I said where it was.
Wasted three of my newspaper interviews.
Sacked me from a voluntary position after 5 hard working years for a reason created to do so.
Wrote a parking ticket after I asked if it was OK to park where I did (having paid for a ticket).

I'm sure there are others but that's a standard selection. That is the reason some put curses on people as there's no other legal way to get revenge, but following Buddhism I see it as their lower nature and move on. I don't think they'll get any karma as sadists always seem to succeed, but it's not my job to reform anyone, that's what miracles are for.

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