Monday, December 28, 2009

Unknown 2009-2010

First of all welcome to Laura, it's good to have another follower and still remember the busy times when I used to get 50 visits a day before the profile links went for a year and lost most people as they could no longer find me without a bookmark. Things have improved then but haven't caught up the visitors yet but keep going regardless.

The current Chinese puzzle is how to manage to get something interesting back into life when all the projects have finished. The 50% law, where I do half the work (the starts) and others finish them, means I can never be the master of my own fate, as no one ever can be. I'm still using the law of attraction but until the next one works there's bugger all going on in the meantime.
Christmas went ok, the first without my grandma, so my father came over so haven't missed one with him yet. Then to my mother in the evening as it was the day I go anyway.
Looking for the guidance in everything I did find a photo from the 60s with a sign on it confirming another I found was indeed a proper one, and then found the editing I did on another made the words show up which had previously been illegible and too far to do again.

Since then it's been quiet as Hendon, especially as I only live yards away from it. I did go and get some very good examples of modernist houses today as it was on the list and actually dry and sunny for a change. There are a few things that could happen sooner or later, but of course the whens and ifs are out of my hands. The proper teachers all say to meditate instead of get involved in all the unreliable crap, but when like the Celestine Prophecy the crap starts to work like a machine you do wonder. It is a sign of progress though so not dismissed altogether. The belief you have to satisfy everything earthly before you can move on spiritually, as suggested by Osho, makes the most sense. If you believe in a creator if we were made with desires we were supposed to satisfy them, not ignore them. And I have rather a lot left.

So if I can return to the lists to organise myself, the current starts I have to forget about unless they finish (except when I'm too bored not to) are:

Getting the book published with my photos in it
Will I meet the woman from the TV when I make my delivery rather than by post?
Is the old sign still at the museum (opens January the 6th) which is still 40 miles away, and if so is the other one still nearby where I hope it is (no one actually told me).
Blimey, is there anything else? You can see my problem.

Otherwise I have two days to get the house ready for the new year annual visitors, so they can sit on the chairs and eat at the table. No known photo visits in reserve until I find more to take, and can only keep going and leave the door open for other results.

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