Sunday, December 13, 2009

Holes in one or bogies?

Another day passes and will discover tomorrow if another very rare sign is indeed in existence. Other than that it's no business as usual, but all will be fine if tomorrow is a success. Every now and then I see something fall into place where it should be, like the string of emails in today's paper demonstrating how the crooks at the university of East Anglia who removed tree ring data and the high temperatures already experienced around 1100 as it would 'seriously water down the message'. No shit Sherlock. Justice to be seen to be done at last? We will see.

No other plans besides taking the car radio in to be robbed and more sorting at late grandma's house this week. I think a few miracles probably have happened recently, most of all the red triangle sign finally turning up last week. I didn't search for it (well I did but wasn't visible online so couldn't actually find it that way) and someone just happened to see it on a route they'd always used as I raised the subject. Getting the climategate emails is something of a miracle as although anyone who looks can find the alternative (ie honest) climate figures no one dared print them till they were proved to be the true ones this way. Now Tiger Woods' marketing career is down the toilet he ought to be brought in to handle the global warming crisis. In a few weeks they'd be paying the money back in our bank accounts with apologies.

On the infidelity front I am struggling on the whys of anyone doing it. I have always settled for onw woman when no others were better. Now if no others are better and I've actually got the one who is better then why would I want anyone else as well? Answers on a postcard please. It's like getting bored with your house and wanting to live in different ones a couple of days a week. I know it's common but seriously weird. Now if one woman is good in one way but not others that's a reason to wait for one who isn't, but maybe some people are impatient, or just plain stupid.
I am running out of material but little else to do with the two boring snooker players about to outbore each other on TV in a minute when Ding Junhui wins again as if anyone actually cares. Having watched the snooker since Pot Black in the early 70s things have changed a lot and not for the better. Making them play round the world means most retire at 40 and you lose every decent player once you get used to them, apart from the once boring Steve Davis.

Not a lot else to report, I have my sweets and chocolates for the next couple of weeks but have to ration them, the gym was closed when I got there, which happens randomly especially on Sundays and basically a few quid down the toilet as I can't make it up another day in the week. The usual reason in the past (since they got this manager) was 'there weren't enough people there'. If that was a valid excuse Ireland would have been closed years ago. Goodnight.

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