Thursday, December 10, 2009

Same as bloody usual

The Celestine Prophecy tells us once the guidance is there we must look for it in everything. So all the stress I've had this week (some shared here and more) was dealt with where possible and dropped. It's now passed and I've come out the other side. I have to take the memory card to the shop tomorrow with some ID as the receipt has vanished, and hope to get a new one and otherwise job done.
I'm not usually good with stress, but if you either crack up or cope I decided to deal with it and coped. The prophecy says look for the message and that was mine. No more for a while now please.

Ahead I see no more, but that's normal, including lack of plans and ideas, and will just wait till the time comes. I've emailed letters to the two local papers about the council removing the last of an old sign design and if one publishes I may have a chance. These (insert bad word here) need to be fought to every last cause or they'll walk all over us. I'll never show anyone in the council where one is again now, I tried and was confirmed to be suspicious. The concepts of flexibility and discretions simply don't exist when most people are promoted beyond their capabilities. So we can't trust or rely on any of them as they are like the crocodile, programmed to destroy their prey, ie the general public.

So, life is still partly as per usual and partly a mystery. I expect most ahead to be as before, but that does now include some of interest as well as the normal routine. There is definitely a frequency for each area in life, or my electrical things couldn't all pack up at once on more than one occasion. Two women in a couple of days in 2002 after a few blank years, etc etc. Last week was testing my strength and now seems to be over, so hopefully something positive will come next as I've had my initiation and probably passed it so no need for more of the same.

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