Monday, December 07, 2009

The Copenhagen Summit

It's a shame so few people are going to read this, and can only hope the message is echoed in many blogs and articles worldwide. The Copenhagen summit is indeed the most important meeting this century, as our whole way of life, freedoms and the truth itself is at stake.
If they find any agreement at all, basically our money will instantly buy less and our lives gradually driven back to pre-industrial standards. Power cuts have already been predicted by the UK government's agencies as a result of existing 'green' policies, and if even more tax is imposed on the west these should extend across continents.

Now the general public have seen the machinations behind the global warming production, nothing further should be done in its name until the science is checked (as it now is being, but says will take up to three years while our pockets will continue to be picked) as basically all the money is being taken on false pretences. And love him or hate him David Icke saw this one coming as announced a few minutes ago on the news, Barack Obama is about to change the law to override their parliament to get his global warming laws through the senate. This means he is legally going to do something which is theoretically impossible under the US constitution (something I don't know a lot about here admittedly) but with my own (degree level) knowledge of constitutional law would have thought no US constitution would allow. If not then they may as well flush their constitution down the toilet.

So those democrats (small d obviously) in The States who said not to worry about Cap and Trade as the senate would never pass it have seen the insidious methods the global warming monster will use to push aside everything in its way. And like the anti-terrorism laws before it, all claim to remove our rights for our own safety, as David Icke said would happen many years before. But the bottom line is the foundation of all life which they can't beat, the truth. Once the true figures creep out under the smokescreens clearly produced by the IPCC sponsored goons, and in 50 and 100 years when most of us are gone the new generations, looking at frozen poles, glaciers, polar bears and normal average temperatures (what is normal again?) it will be over. But the longer it takes the more wind farms, solar panels and other expensive wastes of space will be in place, costing us double for our energy (UK wholesale gas prices have halved while prices we pay remain the same) and ever more. The leaked emails were the lifeline the truth needed to get the figures from the shade of the internet, where people have to decide to go and look, to the TVs where everyone sees them whether they want to or not.

So Copenhagen is basically the turning point of world civilisation. What is decided will ascertain whether life around the world is based on domination, dictatorship, totalitarianism and most of all lies, or will truth win the day? In two weeks the verdict will be out. And if life had any justice so would be President Obama.


Roger Hooton, Nuriootpa, South Australia said...

Have you noticed two things. 1) The idiots can use climate figures for the past 160 years and fail to use the geographical figures going back for millions of years.
2) That they are ignoring that well known theory that a butterfly flapping it wings in Africa can by perpetuated motion cause a hurricane in India. There has been no world-wide killing of those nasty butterflies that are causing climate change.

At least in Australia we now have a political leader, Liberal Party, that is anti-global warming tax crap.

It is just a tax to help to pay for future aged pensions and health services.

Roger Hooton, Nuriootpa, South Australia said...

I understand that there are 1,300 prostitutes at the convention giving their services free. Just think how much heat that all that sex is going to generate in that city.

David said...

If anyone genuinely believes one qualified scientist can suggest a tiny amount of gas can affect the climate above all other factors must have their brains in another county. That says a lot about what 'average IQ' actually means in practice. I am in despair.