Friday, December 18, 2009

Telling the truth

Before I go to bed I must do this, it winds me down and whatever may have gone round my head there can come out and bother all of you instead. I got out to the park before the snow was too bad today, took some photos, bought enough supplies for a few days and came home. I did also nip out later as it was a massive blizzard, made a video and then sent the radio an email as they wanted weather reports and they put the details on air. Lots of views and comments, very useful. What's the point doing the work when hardly anyone knows about it?

I had the rest of the day to keep myself amused with barely any evening (or daytime) TV worth watching, something that kept me occupied half the day before I got the internet. Looking back on the week it's been a bit of everything, and looking for the guidance see it as challenging me with most types of problem so I could get used to dealing with them. The one reward (in hand) was a direction sign on the doorstep, although lost a really rare one due to the delay between Streetview and the reality of the present. I can run out of things to look for on the internet, jobs to do at home and basically everything if it gets dark at 4 and snowed in at night. Freedom is half the job but can't do it all yourself to fill it.

Just looking ahead to what could happen, I am still now waiting to be published in a book sooner or later (photos anyhow), a final sign restoration decision, and if anything else can't think of it. And the Youtube guru just explained how universal consciousness is hidden by mental activity so when that is cleared then everyone experiences the same thing described by Buddha. You can't do it by will as the mind is the will, so need indirect practices of any type to divert the mind until it clears enough to see the peace behind it. Something I've never seen after 12 years of lessons and practice but until recently hardly anyone else seemed to either.
I have however tuned into (before reading it) the system of the Celestine Prophecy, as I am now for the first time able to sense good things coming to me, and possibly even draw them to me. Like my clairvoyance I don't challenge any phenomena as clearly natural and expect them to work rather than try and analyse anything.

I have seen rewards beyond those seen for a long time, gradually reaching higher levels although some way to go. I have my list as requested, so when you organise the aims and direct yourself towards them you can clearly see when you tick them off. Now I did no more to get the red triangle sign than join a group that collects them so get informed by those who know me when they find one locally, and not at all by others. But I still find them eventually by searching and can't do them all myself as Streetview can't see them all. Ahead of that I'm hoping to keep building on the power/energy so what seem closer to miracles start happening and become normal. Just like my weights I can do a lot more with the same amount of effort each time, so see more miracles happening implying they can get more and more unlikely ones to happen. One I am waiting on (something I don't even really need but where I feel I should be) would be like your 'M Phil' level of success in attraction (although manipulation of energy is another way of seeing it work), and each goal will show me how far I've got.

Of course having a woman still either needs me to be able to do more that they usually like doing, unless I find one who doesn't. I can't become something I'm not and shouldn't have to, as it's quite different to reform a criminal and a phobic. I'm not hurting anyone and actually don't give a damn if I never do any of those things again as if I liked them that much I wouldn't be phobic about them. That is logical, why would you avoid anything if it was pleasant? I'd just be happy with a community of local people I could see and mix with around, and you don't get that in London, and have to rely on your family. But that's on the list as well and I would think once you find the formula should work for most things.

Look at global warming. I was killing myself researching and arguing with the believers to try and win back their souls, just like cult breaking. In fact the behaviour is identical. Believers are no different from any other, and need every possible method to break each one by one. And then what happened? Every piece of cheating I inferred from my own research came out as it was there all the time. Copenhagen is like having a fundraiser for square wheels or reviving the dead. They know it in their hearts and are really flogging a dead horse now regardless of the empty rhetoric. They are beaten, they know it, and now more about how they can disappear quietly without openly admitting defeat. Pretending they can't come to an agreement would be a good start, as by eventually abandoning all attempts to do whatever they say they're trying to do because they can't get the wogs to agree (their words, potentially, not mine) would be a good enough getout clause as any other without admitting they were wrong.

There is (in this dimension anyway) only one truth, and you can't have a variety to suit your policies whatever you say. In the end you'll either run out of time or the truth will show itself and wipe out the alternatives. Making up god is the longest one that can last as that's basically saying 'Here's a theory with no data or evidence but we still say it's right'. Most people just ignore them now as they don't do any harm really and can believe it if it makes them happy. But other shit they shove down our throats is not harmless and if you pretend unlimited immigration and overpopulation is OK, muslims don't kill their own, black people don't knife more people than anyone in the country etc, then it will still be true, but you'll be as bad as they are. If you protect evil with a lie then you are part of that evil, in British law then you are guilty of it as well as a secondary party. Just let people see what is there as saying it isn't won't get rid of the smell in the room when it is. You can't wish away a hidden pile of cat shit, you have to first admit it's there and then clean it up. Same with all the other issues the left (for it is they who currently deny them all) want the world to believe don't exist and the ones they want us to that really don't. I was taught not to lie, make personal remarks or kick my nanny by the age of three and is not something anyone else can't learn even when they've strayed too far to the other side.


Roger Hooton, Nuriootpa, South Australia said...

David, STOP worrying about not having a woman in your life and to remain so until your dying day. The MORE you worry about it the LESS it will happen. Believe me I HAVE been there. Eventually my love came into my life suddenly and totally unexpected. It WAS a real fairy tale happening event that eventually printed with our photo in some weekly gossip etc magazine. My marriage lasted three and half years before she died but I had given her, so I was told by many people who knew her, and extension of her life by two years. Still the best thing happened to be. I have a cousin, who is very beautiful and very intelligent and had a great top-class job and she was very active with many hobby interests etc. Yet she was 55 before she got married and has now been married for ten year. I have friends here that married late in their lives. It WILL happen but NOT if you worry about it and don't relax. Marriage does NOT make a whole life - but a whole life makes a marriage. I give you my prediction, sue me if I am wrong in a year's time. Some time in 2010 in a total un-expected and un-usual situation a woman will make the approach TO you that will blossom into a wonderful relationship. Please DON'T rush it, relax and let it happen. Within two years you WILL be married. I still can't over the totally un-expected situation that started my relationship. I worked in Community Radio for Blind in South Australia helping produce a three-hour Saturday night radio nostalgia record show. After doing 16 consecutive weeks I was meant to have a night off. It was 40C February day. But I got a phone call from the Executive Producer asking me to help do that night's show. I reluctantly went in. Irona phone up the radio station to praise that particular show about 1930's and 40's British dance bands, I answered to phone. The rest is beautiful history and now memories.

David said...

That's a lovely story Roger, and as I just said I can pick up what's around me then it's quite likely you can do it as well. And if they come to me that would take all the chaos and trouble out of the equation as well. It's always possible.