Saturday, March 04, 2006

Back to normal

Another day, another usual scene as if nothing happened.
Not a squeak about the TV programme, the only possible one left is at the gym as I told as many people there as I could and asked them to show it. Otherwise I do know that I am now part of the 'establishment' more or less, but nothing may ever come of it. I reckoned on a 50% comeback rate of a follow up interview, I will see.

Otherwise it's sunny and freezing cold, my grandma is meant to be coming for the second time in 10 years to see my kitchen so I won't be taking the walk I planned just yet. Even if I tidy up nothing will be good enough so I'm leaving it exactly as it was.
It's a free day otherwise, I have my course to do really and will do sooner or later, otherwise all is empty except for a video I recorded.
But literally my life can never be the same as I am now part (albeit in a parallel universe of minor channels) of the TV collection, where clips can be repeated and resurrected indefinitely. they can't ever take that away from me.

I'm sitting on a new and very comfortable 'leather' chair, except it tips me forward (no tilt mechanism) so may end up with a twisted spine if I use it too long... But better than the last one. I really hope today ends better than it started. The dentist on Monday can't help casting a black cloud over life when nothing else is happening, but I have a box of valium for that and hope it does the job. It seems the major element of my illness was racing heartbeat, which can produce some hellish symptoms, and now my beta blockers turn it off like a tap and I've felt fine all week more or less. Thank God for conventional medicine, when they know what to do they sure get it right.
If that is what the problem was I'll be delighted. I'm also sleeping a lot better and much less tired. All I need now is a good seeing to. Any offers ladies?


Sharon said...

Hope Grandma liked your kitchen. Glad you are feeling better.

David said...

She never actually made it, as she was too tired to come on Friday I wondered if Saturday would be any different. She'll be over soon though.
Lucky that doctors do have a few tricks up their sleeves isn't it!