Friday, March 03, 2006

What did you do?

I remember so many times when I went to my mum and others after a week or so and they asked what I'd been doing I had to admit 'nothing special'. That was after around a week, and now somehow I come here almost every day and manage to drag something into the picture I think is worth repeating. I think it's just a nearer focus than any difference in my life and I actually do far less now than I used to as well.

Today was average, no pressing work as I've already done what I had to this week, I cycled to a nice new little grocer's near me as it was a sunny day, came home, added more photos on flickr from yesterday's trip, and then had a friend over. I then went to my grandma's after dropping my friend nearby, and had to phone LBC for the second time today to announce my TV details for what is now today. My grandma asked if I got straight through as she thought Bob the operator may have been off having a cup of tea. As soon as I did it was Clive, the presenter, who said Bob had gone for a cup of tea. I said that's amazing, as my grandma just guessed that. Clive said, "What, you've got a grandma? But you're quite old" Yes, I said, she's 96 and sitting next to me. She's been listening to LBC since it started (in 1973) but has never called even though I've asked her to. "Can I say hello to her?" "No" she said from her chair. "Go on" I said, just say hello to Clive. Amazingly, she then took the phone. Last year a 95 year old rang and asked if she was the oldest caller, and grandma considered phoning but didn't, and now I've finally got her to call. Of course she was on in the studio some 15 years ago with my grandpa who was a musician, but never as a caller. I'm glad she finally made it as I do mention her on the radio sometimes.

So, one more night before the event I've waited for for most of my life and dreamt about as well. The appearance is enough, but if I get a call or hear from someone I used to know from it it will all be a bonus. Full report tomorrow.

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