Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Hell and back

Hell and back for sure, but following a relatively quick and totally painless visit to the dentist I am back! With my health up the creek for months and finally under control I am now finally getting back to a positive life after far too long.

Plans? Living! Yes, I don't feel like crawling into a coffin since the pills arrived last week, I'm not 100% yet but close enough to feel like it. What I do isn't important. I've been on TV now, not had a squeak from any viewers besides three on my forums, and that was it. I'm looking up the viewing figures as apart from the 100 or so people I told directly plus the ones listening to my radio calls few people would be able to watch it, especially as Discovery Science isn't in any major TV guides. Besides waiting for any late feedback (less likely by the day) I can do or not do anything I like.
Little planned as usual, but at least I can do whatever I feel like. Football is one aim, I haven't been for over a year for various reasons and have to do a few smaller things first to make sure I can handle the new experiences. Arsenal reserves are the best bet as local and half empty usually. Wycombe have been waiting for a few years as whenever I planned to go again something happened. One time I was able to see Brentford v Wigan instead as it was a lot nearer and a darn good game. Who would have thought a few years later Wigan would be in the premier division!

Other hopes include seeing a few friends and women, two areas desperately lacking recently and only partly due to my health. The photos have more or less completed the official list, and will now use the camera for random views that appeal to me when I'm out with it. I saw a dodgy number plate I knew parked today, but the Polaroid only had one film left and the batteries had gone flat, and it came out black. It was a Hungarian plate remade on a British style IWW 201, but luckily had the H on the plate to prove it. I saw it first passing quickly, and after a few days guessed Hungary (surprising how few formats overlap in Europe so can narrow most down) and when I saw it again saw the H which showed I was right. That is a small offence, unlike a number of German and Dutch temporary plates round here that are made for a week's use and have been over a year, sometimes a lot longer. Somehow no authorities here give a damn.

So, that has been my weekend, not a soul at the community centre had seen the programme, despite a last-minute dash to tell everyone, and the fact they had satellite TV there, the press have not knocked down my door (as featured on TV) or phoned me off the hook, and women haven't been turning up asking me to regress them naked. I have bought two packets of biscuits only to discover my father had saved a box of Christmas biscuits for me which I'd forgotten about, so I'll either have to invite lots of people over or make darn sure I eat them slowly as I've just kicked a weight problem. I'm also looking at cars as I've decided the next decent one I see I'll buy rather than wait till mine is on its way out in the winter and I may have to rush around as mine isn't expected to make it past the new year (body wise).
I am looking for a really exciting Ford Fiesta, a car (and nationality) I wouldn't have touched with a barge pole (Jap buyer usually) until I hired one and loved every minute. My mechanic gave it his vote of confidence and there are so many around I shoudln't have much trouble finding one. I saw an Escort today but though it looked good it was already half way to the moon as far as the mileage went. Otherwise any Jap below 1.6 (cheaper tax) and above 1.2 will do, including a Nissan Micra as I know how good they are.

So, a blank canvas, like a clean hanky ready to be filled with mucus or hopefully a masterpiece on a board. Whether life will spray graffiti on it or a Picasso (not his abstract stuff mind you) we will see as the week goes on. Watch this space.

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