Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Dreams come true

Looking at the kitchen pictures, I realised I'd easily made my kitchen dream come true, as physical things can usually be produced at a price.

Now I have had many incredible dreams all my life, let's see what I can do making them real.
Being with my wife, twice. Two occasions, two wives. One led me from the initial meeting to sex to pregnancy to birth to large family within minutes. The second was meeting and then being with as a married couple, and a totally different person. But if any sod asks me what's so great about love and marriage (as some do) even in a dream I knew it was a level above anything I have now.

The places I've visited make most of this planet look like a poor part of East London in comparison (actually that covers all of it...). But these are buildings, and can easily be created here, as I did in a wooden model of one. And another that was designed by my favourite architect, Sir Norman Foster, only to be abandoned before building. And it was in the same place I saw it. I have the brochure now for a development that literally only existed in a dream.

So, my wish is to bring the people from dreams here just like the things and places (which can be built by anyone with a plan) already. But you can't order a wife at Block and Quayle (work it out), and over the internet, noch. One way is to imagine you're in a dream, and have specific dream powers. Then you just know you can do it and choose your effect and bingo.
Otherwise maybe if you get into the higher flow you will bring about that which you are after by raising your level to creation.

I expect there are a lot of unknown (as yet) twists and turns in what we know as 'reality', and the coincidences I see all the time are the pointers. Next I need to get in the matrix of it and start pulling strings myself rather than be just watching. Adepts are (mythical?) people who have done this and now make the scenery rather than just find themselves in it as most of us do now.
I've possibly been building up to this unknowingly for some time, and having seen the possibility am now ready to walk through the door and start doing the business.
But definitely, whatever you may or may not notice, there seems to be an invisible network behind what we see as random life, and I'm beginning to notice what could be happening behind the scenes. Somehow you just seem to 'get it'. I will see.

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