Saturday, March 04, 2006

Fame, fortune and other f words

At last, after 46 years I've finally spoken on TV! (albeit an obscure channel not in the TV guides and available to a few anoraks like myself). It should be on a less obscure but equally expensive channel later this year, but I'm happy.
The scene was 3 1/2 minutes, and my bits were about a minute of that, but got a good exposure. And all the top men in the world were in the programme, and now know about me! That is truly amazing, being part of that small community I've been reading since I was about 13. One more ambition knocked off the list!

Besides that, life carries on on earth as usual, the invitations to appear have been flooding in in my daydreams ever since 4pm when the first showing finished, and they may well be the only ones. I have also had a new chair delivered by my neighbour from a reputable shop which turned out to be the same as the one I sent back. Sod the material, it still has a cut in it but where you can't really see it, and tips forwards, but otherwise it's so much better than the other I'll use it and get a bad back, but sent a corrosive email to the shop saying I'd rather spend real money on a chair that works than waste it on cheap tat. Let's see if they bother to reply...

Tomorrow is test 1 for feedback anyway, I got 5 calls in to various radio presenters and called my community centre just before it was on so hope to at least hear a few people saw it. One interview will be a bonus and that'll easily satisfy me as far as publicity is concerned. Any more will be a true blessing. What next I wonder? More practice for my enlightenment for sure, I've just proof read Nick Roach's second book, so am buzzing with his words and must be a reminder for me not to give up just because little happens yet.
As with my birthday, a number of people were due to come and watch the programme here as they haven't got Sky TV, one by one they dropped out till I saw it on my own. Big deal... My mum managed to see it across her road (though she was coming to see my kitchen), and as long as I was there to see it I have it on tape for those who couldn't see it here or elsewhere.

So, I continue to live in the present, tomorrow is another day which may be like every other Saturday since 2002 or not, except my grandma may come over to see my kitchen. She came once, hated it so much she never returned. If there's a a hair on the carpet she'd say it was a pigsty and I have a museum with little storage for it. Can't help that, without becoming a millionaire my things will have to occupy a space designed for a family of guinea pigs rather than even one human being with belongings. That's the misery of England, no bloody room. Crowds, and in London crowds to create stress in lab rats and human beings alike. Luckily tablets have been designed as a partial antidote, but changing the environment would be such a practical and direct solution. Maybe I'll end up in Cornwall...


Philosopher Newport said...

congrats on the fulfillment of one of your ambitions!

I'm still waiting to be interviewed.

if you get bored you can always make a book of your writings and photos at

can also make calendars.

costs nothing but time & love of creating.

just a thought.

David said...

I will be getting a hardback album of my photos made online, and am also planning a couple of book starts from a couple of posts here.
I still can't believe I was in the same show as David Jacobs, a bit like an actor being with Olivier. Amazing!