Friday, August 25, 2006

Friday's expectoration

Like every day really, when you work as little as I do, but none today. Plenty to do and glad to say none is outside, all here. So far I've made a little start but none are urgent and after yesterday relaxing is the best policy today.
The scope of things to do in an empty house is pretty limited, blogging being one of them which like any other addiction is based on easy availability. If there was a woman available now of course I would save the blogging for later. I'm still and indefinitely back to the present, with nothing left to look forward to following my great false dawn of TV fame. There's a little appearance next year but not such a potential career move.

If you've been following, this week was predicted roughly yet again. Last week was clockwork in its predictability, and when I said there was too little planned this week to go smoothly, boy was I right, with interest. These evil phases (and some not so evil) are very much like unblocking a sewer when everything floods out at once as if saved up. If even one or two would unblock on the good side, rather than all my projects making halting steps forward only to give up in the middle it would be ok, but it seems like I'm being punished somehow for my avoidance of work. If this was the case every long term unemployed would suffer for the error of their ways and of course all karmic consequences are impossible without a controller which is still preferable to not being punished and random. If it's being controlled by god at least there is a god, even if not the sort the religions claim.

But back to this week, it was a lesson in tolerance which I passed simply because I'm here and saying so. I learnt not to take official rules as definite but challenge them (not sure if it works but I hadn't thought of trying till now) and not be totally devastated by dreadful career news. In dreams everything is so flexible you can have nothing one minute and everything the next and feel accordingly. My teachings say we have to rise above the outer ups and downs but only a handful of people at any one time have achieved this, or claimed to. Even rising above a little has to be better though and for once I have. Today is so far totally average and neutral, nothing either way but it's 4pm so room for possible variation, and the first was the end of my blog was eaten as blogger's up the creek. I don't remember what was removed but I'll carry on regardless.

Oh, it took out my interests bit. I said in my funtrivia blog about blogging for therapy and got more response than any other entry here or there. Like Freud discovered just having time to speak about yourself freely is half the job. And I like to watch people's lives. Being a person I find people more interesting than anything else. But what gets lots of views and comments is a mystery. Apart from a few obvious stinkers I never know what will get the huge views and have said the same thing in different places or times and got totally different responses. But as long as there are a few of us who understand each other and like reading what we say I won't be concerned with the lack of mass appeal, but stick in a small select group of fellow moaners. But I pray for the day I won't have something to moan about.

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