Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thursday already

Well, days pass, wind passes and my exams were passed 22 years ago. But what do I pick up as life passes? I'll start with the first I collected today, where I saw views no different to those I used to have in Devon less than a mile from here.

fryent field1
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Another rural scene, apart from the houses.

fryent straw
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It looks much like Devon, but is just round the corner in Kingsbury.

I got a really nice bunch of pictures as well as a nice bike ride and then did some really gross housework including cleaning the dishwasher (yech!) and then finding you can put a sachet in there to do it for you. But the crap there makes me wonder how any machine can make your plates cleaner when the filter has stuff in it you get in the bottom of the bin when it doesn't get emptied with the rest of it.
Tomorrow, besides the Big Brother final at night is pretty well a blank sheet. So far the week has been so predictable I could have written the lot in advance. My video blog, unlike geriatric's, received 9 views, but did get a nice comment as you can see. No idea who Henry Miller is but apart from Jason Alexander I hadn't come across many people like me so will be interested to see who he is.
Technically I can't see anything dodgy now or round the corner, which makes a change. Email replies were on a break today, I probably ask such complicated questions 'When's my TV programme coming on', for instance, it takes a team of researchers and a few assistants drawn from an agency to find the answers. But as long as they are what I want to hear I can wait.

Actually I think being famous will help many of my problems. For a start the money that usually comes with it will allay my income worries, and I may well meet more people and maybe even a female one. Being recognised in the street must be amazing. When I walked into the YMCA after I was on TV for 5 seconds the crowd that surrounded me was incredible. Having that wherever I went would really be something, and the celebrities who shun it should swap jobs with me and see what they'd prefer. So as you see I've done my second video diary, it really only summarises what you read here but as it's on another site none of them know me. Meanwhile another week is passing and the high and lowlights are being passed through as they happen.

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mandelbrotset said...

You're really only like Henry Miller David when you're doing your stream of consciousness toilet talk, but your stream of consciousness style is what reminded me of him after so many years. He was my favorite writer in the '80's. I watched the second installment with rapt fascination but it timed out - bummer. Andy Warhol predicted that everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame, but you're a greedy one I think and want more. I believe I've had my 15 minutes of fame already but I can't remember what it was for, a scholarship maybe? I think I'll start my own Blog here and I'll channel Gertrude Stein. My wife had a cow, a cow, a cow.....