Friday, August 25, 2006

Thursday's excreta

Blimey, I worked a whole 4 hours today, a possible record. Anyway, I feel the effects but proves it can be done, at least once in 5 years... I was pleased to see some nice compliments after a comment-free summer, plus one I'd rather not dwell on. It seems that amongst the lumpenproletariat (yes, I did politics A level) there are a few people who have risen above them and actually understand me. So rather than expect a mass appeal I'll just be happy the few who understand continue to appreciate and the rest are no use unless they were buying tickets first. So I speak to the few now, not the many, and am happy to know it just seems to take a fellow appreciation of the nature of life and that is a rare thing.

I just heard a christian preacher say that the world is not hell (as I said), it's far worse and eternal for all who don't repent their sins to Jesus. What can I say, I have my view of hell and I'll race him there. I win, there already. End of argument. And if not I'll have had enough practice for it here it'll hardly be a surprise, and at least I know however bad it may be, it won't kill me...
So, looking forward to a dream rather than a reality is over. I now officially have almost nothing to look forward to. OK, I hardly ever do, but speaking to 500,000 people on satellite TV is a big thing to look forward to until you don't. Back on the ground with a crash and the world puts up a big middle finger again and makes me swivel on it. And it didn't cut its nails first. Thanks God, maybe it is because I'm not a christian, but the happiest people I know are Buddhists and I go for evidence not scare stories.

No work tomorrow and little else besides some seriously boring business phone calls I hadn't got the time for till Friday. I wish if I didn't actually have a wife I had enough money to have a PA to do all this crap, it's so boring and would be far better done by an assistant of any sort. All my emailing is now over. One reply was great, the others were previews of the hell the preacher warned of earlier. Apparently the Arab who sold me this computer borrowed his copy of Windows from a college. Nowadays Microsoft have found ways of spotting this via spyware and send you a lovely message which lets you know years after the event the guy at the market who's now living on a Costa/Wormwood Scrubs wasn't actually completely kosher. Bloody typical. Discount is not always genuine, but simply sell you something worth a lot less at a price for something far better. Thank goodness the bloody thing still works at all. Next the fuckers will send a trojan that'll freeze the hard disk and besides losing all my data (again) will simply switch to Linux. Anyone who can fuck up my computer as comprehensively as Microsoft can take their business and stick it. The Indian on the phone (for he was in India) tells me the price of XP is now three times the price it was offered to me in 2004. Greedy bastards! That's more than a PC world bargain PC with more speed than this professional version. If he wasn't lying. I'll have to check but I can't believe they charge the same for the OS as they do for the whole hardware. OK, I'll probably end up paying £100 to get Linux installed if they ever decide to disable these versions but at least they won't get a penny of it.

I did another video blog just now, purely as one of the 7 viewers (no, two) said they liked it. Unfortunately I let slip a rude word but hope no one noticed, I don't think they let you there but I think I've heard a few before. Mind you, if only 3 people watch it there isn't much chance of being reported...

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