Thursday, August 31, 2006

Good days, bad days

Good days bad days, good news, bad news. I just react too much too them all.

Anyway, I got distict feeling today (as if controlled) everything was speeding up and happening at once to come to a conclusion where all my fears were faced and imaginings were tested, as that is exactly what has happened in the last year or so.
If that was the case, there would be few situations that would be unfamiliar and unable to deal with as they've all come at once plus I could see what would happen in reality rather than my fears.

Today (only in comparison) was the antidote to yesterday, I did all my little jobs easily and cut the front lawn. There were good programmes on TV and the radio so despite seeing no one besides one appointment for work, did spend some time with the cat from opposite who came to visit as I hear his bell when he's outside. There he is at the top. Otherwise I just carry on and think less and less ahead as nothing can be seen there from here and no point trying to.
So there's little else to report. Women are like flies in amber. I see them but they aren't going anywhere. Frozen in time apparently, knowing I want them and neither coming closer or leaving altogether, just freezing time so nothing is known. A slight bit better than my TV debacle though I was told after going on mobile phones (and the internet presumably if you pay for it) they may actually put it on TV if anyone wants it. Of course they have to maximise their profits from all programmes and showing them to chavs in shopping centres is not good marketing in my view.

So, unlike me, little else to report. I have a little list of more pictures to take, but not sure when I'll get there though I want to do it before the clocks go back. Maybe I'll just do what someone I heard about did with women, asking them all for sex each night out until one said yes, as they almost always did sooner or later. Only I'd ask them to marry me. It stands more chance than what I've been doing till now and will stand by any decision made.

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mandelbrotset said...

What a beautiful cat, and a beautiful photo too. He is Felix, for sure!