Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Most of my life I've been told what I like to do or the way I do it is inappropriate. Not wanting to work in Central London, not wanting to work full time, not caring about a woman's age who I like. The fact all my inappropriate behaviour is designed to make my life better and bring me pleasure seems totally irrelevant to those (like many of my family) who judge me and say I'm doing it all wrong.
Some places you can't cheat. No one can pass a degree by cutting corners so all my qualifications were done the appropriate way, and besides (after 10 years of intermittent travel there) refusing to look for a job within Central London all my applications and interviews were done appropriately. And if I'm with any partner I like I never stray unless I no longer like them, in which case I intend a swap not a double, as I haven't the time or interest to see more than one woman, just to trade up. Like I have done that recently...

But which god decided what we do will be appropriate or not? When did Wankah, the Lord of relationships decree you can only fancy women within ten years of your own age? Or Asshol, God of work and pensions say unless you work a 40 plus hour week you are a pathetic waste of space sponging on the labour of others? Never. These are all the makings of nasty, small minded humans who want everyone to leave the best stuff to them and in the process tell them what they shouldn't do while most of them do exactly that themselves. The golden rule which I use outside its religious context is all I need. Do unto others as you would be done by. Now if a 60 year old woman and I enjoy each other's company, and my mother, grandma and best friends say it's wrong, who is it wrong for? Not us, not them as it doesn't affect them, so the equation is left with a zero for its answer. Nobody. The same applies to all the other unconventional attitudes I have. I get up at lunchtime. Who, exactly, suffers from me doing this? I don't refuse to get out of bed half the day, as once I'm up I stay up as long as most people, but some twisted bastard once said 'He who wakes the earliest wins the prize'. What total fucking crap!
What about our essential night workers, and if someone writes a prize winning novel during the hours of darkness who would give a damn? It's all power and control over the masses. They somehow decide which behaviour is appropriate for the time which serves their purposes (eg Queen Victoria, the Vatican, Tony Blair and the rest) and then manages to brainwash just enough people so we have a disapproving minority trying to push the stray sheep back in line (this one tells them to fuck off...) in order to do our ruler's work for them.

What a bunch of totalitarian crap. Look at every example of 'inappropriate' behaviour and analyse it. If you wake up without a clock and in a dark room it could be 6 am or 3 pm, you wouldn't know the difference. You'd just be awake and stay awake until you needed to sleep. It's called nature. If you see a woman and don't know her age, why the hell are so many people put off if it's outside their personal 'bracket of decency?'. All bollocks. And if nearly all the jobs in London weren't put right in the dead centre where hardly anyone lives there would be no congestion to charge, people would work near their homes and all the roads would have traffic going in different directions rather than all the same ways. Why does it take an idiot savant to see what nearly everyone else seems to miss? Search me.

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