Thursday, August 17, 2006

What's the point?

Having established virtually to a certainty that we can't control more than the minimum in our lives but are moved by circumstances, as the eastern religions tell you the best we can do is sit back and enjoy it as there's little else we can do. It is how it is whether we like it or plan it so we just have to learn to accept and even enjoy it as it is as there's nothing else.

My routine is as such. This week has the least (almost none) work for ages, which apart from the money was a welcome break. Yesterday was described yeasterday, and today was business calls for an hour or so (one extremely important) and then as the rain had stopped the planned gardening. The sole benefit of a garden with brambles its complete length are a few plates of blackberries a year. Big trade off I don't think. I would give some to the guy next door but he died so it's me and last year I washed them, not realising they'd go mouldy as soon as they got wet. None were eaten in 2005. Now I know to wait till I'm going to eat them first. At least I'll get some fruit again for a couple of days.

Then it was my sole work appointment and off to mum's, as on Friday it's the Big Brother final and she won't let me watch it there. Other plans of course tend to move in periods of a year or more so what the hell can I update in a day? Sky have sent me an automated response but I really hope they haven't lost the programme as they currently claim. Imagine the scene. Crew travels the country for weeks carrying out interviews, spends a month editing it, send it to Sky and a week later when no response was received, are asked 'What programme?'. Discovering they hadn't saved any copies it appeared the whole 60 minute epic was lost and impossible to retrieve all those months of work that went into it. I actually believe that can happen and probably has. Production companies trust TV c0mpanies, find all their programmes for years are shown and lose their focus. They make a pilot, don't bother to make copies and bingo, it's ended up in Glasgow waiting in a sorting office under 'dead letters' until it's disposed of after 5 years. This is what happens roughly to undelivered mail here as it was on a TV programme. They rarely try and deliver it, the postmen return a proportion of post if they're running late, pretend it's undeliverable and file it away. The bosses trust them, assume it's undeliverable, keep it for the statutory period and burn the lot.

The week (as half way through) has so far been exactly as expected to the second. Projects move on haltingly but none are finished. The wait when someone else has been passed the ball to deal with before it returns to you is excruciatingly tedious. I have about 6 decisions currently on hold with other people, with the sole one with a date attached is in just over a week. The others are: maybe in a few weeks, this week or not at all, in about 9 months, this week but may not be what I want, and I can't even remember the others. Meanwhile I need things to occupy me until and unless one or more of those occurs in my favour. Business and pleasure, and mainly the place where they overlap in the case of TV. But tomorrow is an open book. Housework and similar has been done to the point I can leave it alone. The garden had its main makeover today and that's about it. I really don't want to spend most of the day on the computer, there's little left to do here since I did the video blog just now. I have a friend coming later on but otherwise the world's my oyster, lobster, hamster, catheter, cancer, condom, cesspit and canneloni. Which goes? You decide. I certainly can't.

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