Thursday, August 17, 2006

Life story

Well fuck me!!!

Having seen a 79 year old video blog on youtube with a million hits this week talking absolute drivel, I realised quality counted for little when it came to fame as I saw a half a page article about him in a national paper. Therefore I could do no less than my first official video blog, even though the only tool I have is a still camera with a 2 minute memory for extremely poor quality audio and video. But it's enough and I have entered part one of my video blog, and am now researching ways to be featured on Youtube otherwise only a fraction of people will see it. I always said after seeing blogs quoted in the papers that fame would soon come from the internet and it didn't take long for me to be proved right. I may be on minority TV but this guy got many more viewers than my first effort on the net, so here's mine.


Anonymous said...

That was absolutely hilarious David. I loved it, you're the most entertaining person I've watched in a long time. You make me laugh. I can see when you're not channeling Henry Miller, you're channeling Woody Allen.

David said...

Thanks, much appreciated. I never heard of Henry Miller but now I've seen a couple of his clips moaning about New York. He wouldn't have said that if he'd been to parts of England...

Now I have to try and work out who you are. ???