Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Another day off

One more day free, once I could leave the house when the activities dried up it was pissing down so I've stayed put on the phone since as I am right now. OK, off now. So many people like to talk at the moment. My mum came earlier for a while and the next visitor delayed until pulling out altogether so I decided to clear my software pileup and actually fixed my DVD burner which crashed my computer for weeks. It was under guarantee but the customer services at PC world are modelled on the queue for hell and nothing could make me want to go through that yet again. I think Currys next door was even worse and now I won't buy anything at these superstores as when they inevitably go wrong or arent't what they advertised it's an ordeal worth every extra penny spent in a small local shop to avoid that experience just for a greater selection. The fact the new computer will have a built in one doesn't matter, having a spare can never hurt and I just saved 2 months of photos to cd which couldn't have been done otherwise.

I was about to look out of the front door to see if it had stopped raining and I realised the test match is on, so despite being in here rather than watching it I pay so much for Sky I really feel I should catch bits of it however boring it is now. I may pop out round the block as it's stopped just as a compromise. Tomorrow is free as well, I have a few little plans to keep me occupied and usually manage not to waste the time when it comes. Of course on days off I run out of material after a while, once all the visitors or non-visitors are gone and I've done my internet duties and there's sod all on TV and too early to go to bed it just stops. That's when I need someone else around but where are they?

So, little things sit on the horizon, probably for Monday onwards starting with the new computer and if as promised my next TV programme on video. After the first few people reported in the trickle reduced to a stop and so far I know two people who saw it plus one I didn't. And Discovery Kids has under half the viewers of Discovery Science which I calculated to be about 50,000 at peak times so I assume I got around 20,003 viewers, including the 3 who I told to watch it. I say that for the UK as abroad millions have probably seen them as these shows are international and if I walked into somewhere half way round the world there would be far more chance someone saw me than over here. But it's a start and can only snowball, whether quickly or slowly. And then my sunglasses which I expect will be around Tuesday as I assume they always close early at the end of the week whatever the notice says. Well, the rain's stopped, Clive Bull's first show on LBC after the holidays is finished so I'm off round the block. If there is ever a competition for totally boring lives few could be more so than this at the moment. Making the best of what?

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