Tuesday, January 02, 2007

TV and fellatio

Blimey, interesting activity at last! I went to the Discovery Kids website last night to see who to contact about my forthcoming TV appearance and saw the very programme was scheduled for the next morning! I rang the radio as always plus contacted everyone in my address book and just managed to catch it in time. As it was in the morning I recorded it, and woke up to find an advertising and gardening programme on instead. So now I know I was in it but will have to wait for someone to send me a video to see it myself. What a fiasco.
So it's been a busy day. First I got a few rushed photos on the brook at Hendon, as I had to get back in case the cleaner arrived early, and then saw a client. The phone went nonstop since and I saw Chelsea drop another 2 points to Aston Villa (hooray!) on Sky. I also had to make enquiries about fixing my cable box as it clearly can't handle recording from a channel on intermission and they have to send someone round to reprogram it. Though they claimed it never happened before I assume they all work (don't work) the same way and couldn't tell me or I'd sue them. It makes no difference either way if mine's fucked and won't bring my programme back even when they do fix it.

I will go for an exciting walk after this and then who knows (I do) as it'll be late. Play online mahjongg (not any good as this version only has one game so you can't beat your scores). But I don't know any others that are free so it's that or nothing. People coming tomorrow early and late so that's taken care of, and little ahead. I'll probably find the opticians never stay open late on Fridays when I pass, if not I'll have to go back and make a special trip the week after. It was really sunny today driving and dark glasses would have helped.
So, even though I have little idea of the content, I have doubled my media presence overnight and this time more people seem to have watched it though a few emails I sent bounced for absolutely no reason. I have also been told to participate in my enlightenment work with no input from my ind, which I am doing for a while. I will see what happens. At least it'll give my mind a rest and train it to be quieter if nothing more. It does get in the way when it's not being used helpfully and needn't continue in the gaps, as no one else's should.

While my hits here have dropped the ones on flickr have risen to near the level this was when I started. Fashions change but I think visual images will never lose fashion whereas writing themes do continually and I know mine won't vary much. Not that I want it to. It took me 46 years to develop it and apart from switching from facts to jokes more, which is normally involuntary (try asking a comedian to be funny) this is it. I was also just given a huge chocolate cake with maybe 10 pieces in it, I really need some help to finish it. One is coming tomorrow. First eat my cake, then the cock. I can but dream.

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