Monday, January 15, 2007

Cognitive shifts

Nice, the new blogger's finally working and signed me in on its own, and displays my blogtoplist number. 73 looks very good but on the list itself it's not me there so not sure what the number means.
Meanwhile a couple of points have become clear from my research into the hidden levels of the universe. Enlightenment ought to be genuine simply as all the teachers from Buddha onwards have independently described and taught methods to reach a state they claim they share. Now having used various meditations and easily reached states albeit rarely repeated they claimed were possible, why not the ultimate state as well? It may of course be apparently almost impossible but so is becoming a billionaire. But one is definitely both real and possible but fucking hard work, and I'd guess the same goes for getting married- I mean enlightenment.
The second is my telepathy theory of alien channelers. I realised though the mechanism has to be telepathy, you do not receive information about workable antigravity technology and matter transport and manipulation from human sources as we don't have any. That leads to the question assuming the tests that are being carried out as I type that are gradually verifying the methods as theoretically accurate where on earth (not on earth) are they getting it from? My next project.

Back to the mundane, I am now on nice eardrops which are designed to fix my little problem. Fingers crossed and all that. Things have gone pretty quiet at the moment, the diary has some visitors pencilled in for the coming week and if the ear problem clears up I can be a lot more active again. Usual photo trips planned for places like Golders Green and now someone sent me the lost website with local views of nearly every corner I've visited and intended to visit. Nothing yet in Temple Fortune so I'm ahead on that. My new computer is due to arrive tomorrow, though besides speeding up the system isn't going to change what I use it for. And I need a haircut apparently so that may well be on the cards. And of course Sunday my TV programme is on again and as in the afternoon whatever the video does or doesn't do (I won't be home to police it) I'll see it 3 weeks after it was first on. The stupid buggers don't realise if UK publications don't print their schedules no one will know they exist. Scrolling to channel 721 on cable is not something I was likely to do, especially as the new technology scrolls like an Amstrad word processor, a line every 20 seconds. Actually the Amstrad was quicker. How much space does the Radio Times need for a few extra columns a day? Beats me. The only schedules are online and unless you knew the channel existed already wouldn't know what to look for. Catch 22.

The new blogger switched off our interest and other profile links (to be replaced by tags, like TV? is that the same?) and when I used the old version I couldn't find anyone who had posted since 2005. Maybe they've pulled the system and haven't added the new additions. Or no one else has added apart from me and my linked blogs. I'll have to try some tags next but unlike trivia and supernatural which raise similar work to mine, cats, cars or computers will be random and unlikely to find one worth reading. Strange method they've decided on.
Other plans? You tell me. It's gone very quiet round these ways, and having heard a sarcastic comment on TV about the most exciting thing they did was a visit to Boots had I found them open yesterday that would have been exactly my own. I don't care, I now appreciate every person I meet and every place I go. Take nothing for granted, they can stop at any time and when they come back you realise their value. Holidays may be for 3 weeks a year, normal life would be 49. You have to bring the holiday to the normal life, not spend the normal life waiting for the holiday, which may be crap anyway. I happen to have it forced on me but it was a good practice anyway, make your world like it is on holiday every day and you may find you don't even care about going away after that. It can easily be done.

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