Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Yesterday continued

Today seems like yesterday in the atmosphere, admittedly I did see a few work related visitors but the evening ones either switched to tomorrow or vanished altogether. After the last one I did the computer things, watched 2 hours of TV then went out on my bike and bought a few things from the corner shop. Then I came home and face absolutely nothing. Apart from doing this which seems pretty pointless, there's nothing on TV and little else worth doing. No one to talk to is a real punishment, especially after so long.

Meanwhile I am continuing to aspire to become a real writer, despite this laptop writing five words at a time and then freezing. It's really not designed for regular use. Then five letters. Yahoo messenger appeared to be responsible but no, it's just a shit computer. It's like turning the clock back 7 years to my 1st 1gb effort which had to be changed when I couldn't get a radio player on. No news on the new one yet, I would have had it delivered tomorrow if ready but that seems pretty remote now, the only delivery I'll get are the flowery excuses how hard it was to transfer the data and the old drive wasn't as big as I really need and he had to order another one which was out of stock and unless he goes to Southampton will have to wait for his company to restock in March. I don't intend to be without a PC beyond this week and he should give me his own computer if he can't stick to plans.

Tomorrow (I hate talking ahead but nothing else has happened to mention) I hope to go to NW11 (Golders Green and around) for more photos and a visitor in the evening. No other ideas. My business visit is urgent now and am waiting for another arrangement after today's vanishing act. I can't even think of what to do for the rest of the evening... Being alone has really caught up with me, after all these years it's hardly surprising I'm running out of solitary pursuits and avoiding the demanding ones. As much of a test as anything else, the teachings I read tell me to rise above such negativity and if you can once you will always be able to, and you can't learn how without such an opportunity. Who can tell so I'll have to see.
Not a lot more to say, I have a video planned for youtube to attract more abuse and just signed up with Fame TV (I can't watch it) but you have to pay a couple of pounds per video so I'll have to think about it. Being in the big brother house would have to be an improvement right now, surrounded by all sorts but not bored at least. Just driven insane. But you don't need to be there for that to happen, I'm well on my way already.

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