Saturday, January 20, 2007

If anyone actually cares...

Friday's just ended, so any answers that were needed are here. Pretty mundane and basically my own efforts at forcing myself to keep busy and not bored.
This week I have: Taken 3 sets of photos, been out once on my bike, had a few work appointments and otherwise followed the regular routine. I have collected some nice new pictures, and the TV people here can go to hell as I can make my own video on Sunday when I'll be on again rather than wait for hell to freeze over before they send me one.

So having summarised 3 days in a short paragraph (not like me at all, is it?) what else can I say?I hate those minimalist entries nearly as much as the ones made up of links to other sites. If those other sites are so good it must mean you think your own efforts must be crap. I rarely remember how to post links, and do so even more rarely here. I want you to look at this, not some other place. Why promote the competitors?

Anyway, more work tomorrow (more than I'd like really) but business is business. Then to the gym etc as every Saturday. The new computer is also due though I won't be here to use it for a couple of days. I did see an unusual car plate on the way home today which took me an hour to identify as a UK temporary plate. OK, I may as well add it here as I have more pictures to offer than words today.

303 is the serial number, Q is for temporary and 56 is late 2006-early 2007. You won't see many of these around. My case is closed...

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