Saturday, January 13, 2007

End of another week

Quite a lot of activity in the last few days actually, my sunglasses came after a week and I got some cracking photos over the road there on my flickr link. The sunglasses look pretty good and besides not having the reading portion I'd wear them all the time. I then was told the TV programme I missed on the 2nd will be on on the 21st so the people who are meant to send me the video are redundant now. Technically if 20,000 average watch each programme each repeat will add that many more. Plus the three I tell who can actually get Sky.
Tescos are a total bunch of wankers. A week or so after asking where my CD was they said they'd cancelled the order without telling me. I found the track on itunes for 79p and burned the damn thing myself. Stupid bastards. So the main item on my list is guaranteed now, seeing my programme. Besides sex and the supernatural getting on TV has to be the biggest buzz in my life. These tapes are kept indefinitely and my grandpa who died in 1998 was on TV yet again at Christmas in a film they show nearly every year which is older than me. Now had I swore or farted in my programme and they kept it it could be on an out take show for the next 20 years.

Few other immediate plans but so much done already it's hard to think of more. I saw a doctor friend this evening who got me eardrops, which should start tomorrow. Just a simple ear infection we hope and a simple treatment. The TV programme next week coincides with the football at the YMCA but I asked if they could show it in the gym so all the staff could see me. As long as I turn up and ask nicely it's a 50-50 chance though the sunday trainer is one of the nicest ones. So nice I'd marry her actually, she's probably about 22 but that would only put her off not me. Too much of my material is fantasy for my liking. We all want more but most is impossible or unlikely. Instead we get reality and much of that is recycled old junk. And apparently I need a haircut already.
Of course there are many new photos planned, the last were similar to old ones but quite unique. I hope some of the places I find round Wembley are different as they are all ones I've never seen before, and more of the M1 with the railway alongside it. You can't photograph BR trains as they go too fast, you'd just see a blur unless you had an SLR and special film. Plus they run so rarely I'd have to wait 15 minutes and they are gone in a second. The one I took had stopped for maintenance or a red signal otherwise it could never have happened. Unless I donned my anorak and waited at a platform for a train to arrive. I have done that in the past but not on the digital.

I did say goodbye to my computer today after 3 years, the ethernet, floppy drive and now outlook express are well and truly fucked and the new one on Monday will be 4 times faster. Hopefully more reliable with a new Windows and Intel chip as opposed to the AMD nasty copy and replica Windows XP, as I discovered after it arrived home. That's all behind me now anyway. Well, little else to report, no women short or medium turn as far as I know, sod all work and little else. Unknown doesn't mean impossible though so we will see.

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