Thursday, January 25, 2007

Busy for a change

Well, following the two days of work (notice the font experiment there?) I have the many days of not work, with my birthday saturday people coming although the birthday's actually on Monday everyone wants to come on a saturday or not at all. I did my required photos today, and though variations of a theme not that many people would go to the trouble of recording the whole north half of Finchley Road, and though some is thoroughly dreadful I got some good shots. I intend to go as far as Swiss Cottage, but as I started off in Temple Fortune in the park and the traffic was building up I stopped just short of Frognal Station and went back via the posh parts of Cricklewood which were quite photogenic.

I've always collected something, from coins to rocks to train tickets, and now photos. Then I'll be picking candidates for my second hardback album, and will offer the next to the library as well. Only some pretty dire shopping tomorrow before my mum, mainly food for saturday, and tidy the house for the same reason. After the decorator the dining table was piled with junk which I removed in minutes for new year, and this time it's the kitchen. Meanwhile I am deliberately sitting here as much as possible just for the pleasure of using the new computer knowing it nearly all works, and is so quick. Anyone who's tried recently will have seen my yahoo webcam is down, that's them not me, it works on messenger but not on the website for ages and I just emailed them. On the work front neither new visitor has called back, one was an academic enquiry rather than a new regular but the other was a potential longer term but apparently not. They all even out, and the suitable ones continue.

Otherwise little to report but the current policy of living a day at a time is working as frankly most of the apparent future is dead if I imagine it but in reality each day has been fairly full. And when there's so little happening you really notice every little part of your life like paying money in the bank atm and buying pizza. Normally they are unregistered parts of a fuller life but when that's all there is then they register as big as a night at the theatre or flight to France. It is relative. And in the house all the things you do mean 100 times as much when shared with someone else as I just about remember. If by some miracle more actually happens (in a good way) tomorrow/in 2007 than I expect I'll be all the happier, but that is by the grace of the powers of chaos, not me.

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