Thursday, January 25, 2007

Wednesday as it was

Back on the new computer, all installed now minus Microsoft Office (why?), and practicing for a media career in any way I can. Big or small writers are only as successful as they become by persistence. The fact I enjoy it plus can work from home and they get paid pots makes it the most attractive career move I can think of, and by networking and years of voluntary work hope eventually someone will pay me for a piece and then a regular spot. Age is no barrier, I was 45 at my first speaking TV appearance followed by my second this week and discussions are under way for more.

I am adding a general appeal to those readers also on blogger, for goodness sake pull your fingers out and bloody well write. If life goes on there is always something to write about. Sod the quality, just get on with it, I want continuity and am fed up reading three blogs as no one else is left who writes them I know of. However much I may write I still read even more and like to know what people are doing. It's free so no excuses.

I've been working this week, amazingly enough. After the gas bill from another century in the future something had to fill the gap and I've been gradually doing so since Tuesday, ending this evening. OK, neither of the two new visitors appear to be returning, but both were interesting and one was a minor celebrity so that was worth it alone. So tomorrow hopefully I'll be off to Golders Green for more photos, and dinner with grandma. Meanwhile despite having little to look at I'm tied to the computer just because I can use it, plus there's no one else to talk to. After being asked about my love life I realised besides being zero I didn't care. I realised there's little I can do about it (as with enlightenment) and left it to fate. Enlightenment is a bit different as I realised I don't care if I am any more, I can survive as it is as long as life improves a bit. I would like a woman but aren't making any more effort as it makes no difference either way. The women on my system of course are doing their own thing. One sent me an email and all I need to know is when she blooms in the spring will it be as a friend or more? The other is not even a friend yet as until she decides she has the time to meet me (how long does it take?) she won't have got that far. The third was given a really big hint after ducking the last ones, and shot it right back at me. Eliminated. The fourth is actually a mutual attraction but there is a third party preventing that from being completed. And she lives as far as anyone can before becoming impossible to visit. Like being at the top of Everest there is just enough oxygen to survive but no more. She used to live almost at that point but moved miles south to the borderline of the known universe, near Surrey. It might as well be Penzance except she travels this way for pleasure, but not yet for my pleasure.

I am pretty well occupied recently but at the end of the day when it all goes quiet and I'm alone and have to go to bed alone it still can hit me. Tomorrow is always another day, mine is free and I hope keeps up the momentum of activity as we really have a lot to put up with at times.

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