Tuesday, January 16, 2007

God it's boring...

What a boring week and it's only Tuesday. I literally blame living alone as you can't be out all the time and when you are you still need people to see rather than walk the streets on your own. Besides my TV appearance on Sunday there's little or nothing I can think of to keep me busy besides a little work and a couple of possible visitors tomorrow and Thursday. Like when there's nothing on TV and I've run out of websites to trawl (it does happen) I've done the same for life itself. TV has schedules but the few in life are usually only work related, the others being complete surprises. As it was raining I made a local photo trip today and got some nice results (see Flickr link as usual), with work tomorrow so little to think about for 24 hours anyway besides will I get out and back before my 1st appointment.

My old computer is gone but the new one the equivalent of a sperm in the testicle of the manufacturer. IE he hasn't begun building it. So until possibly Saturday I'm using a 9 year old laptop which is fine on the net but like my Amstrad WP if I try and run programs. Which is why I need a decent PC. When it gets dark at 4pm and is cold/wet it's a struggle to think of any reasons to go out besides taking photos of almost identical paths and railway lines. Besides housework which is hardly urgent I return to the computer unless there's actually something better to do. Which is becoming rarer and rarer. Any time a miracle is really needed now is a good example. I am using the ear drops as yet with no results, identical symptoms coming and going but these things usually take a while to go. That slows me down to under 50% as everything is an effort in comparison to normal. Sometimes the sense of humour can hide under piles of boredom and you can never let it out by choice.

So, Tuesday so far, work tomorrow, Thursday unknown as I'm waiting on 2 phone calls, and Friday afternoon free. I am becoming an expert in planning ahead so I don't wake up and have nothing to do. So far it's only a day or two ahead but as I'm heading east on Friday (E. Finchley) that may dictate what I do first except I don't have to be there for ages after it gets dark so I'm not sure what I'd do if I took photos and stayed around the area. I have one person I can visit and if this bug goes away should be OK to do so. Technically I'd be fascinated to know if anyone has a life as boring as mine has become. So boring I literally can hardly imagine anything else. I still look at every house for sale where I'd like to live, I just saw an amazing 4 bed detached in Hendon for about £300,000 less than it would be over the border (NW11) although just over the road. Not that I have the money but I can move in more easily in my dreams. But I'd need someone with me otherwise wherever I go it's the 'Chicago exam' situation, where I heard I'd failed my accountancy exams when in Chicago which showed my problems just follow me wherever I am. I suppose after 13 years away I could do with returning to the old area, this may look nice in places but is very downmarket nowadays and really would prefer to be surrounded by professionals, however hostile. Just in my own environment. If just one got to know me I could ignore being ignored by the others. Maybe I could even take up babysitting again, which I did from 16 to 32 when I got a regular job and couldn't stay up so late in the evenings. At least it gets me out of the house. Like anyone's going to employ a 50 or so year old man to get £3 an hour and run of the kettle instead of a schoolkid or old lady. Mind you if they had broadband I could just sit and get paid for playing games all night which I couldn't do back in the past.

I do see phases come and go throughout life, and hopefully this gap may be another one, and things could liven up even tomorrow. Projecting the present ahead is innacurate, but I just can't see many ways it would change besides being able to take photos later after March though by then I doubt I'll have anywhere left to take. I can't even order my prints yet as they're all on my PC which is currently in peril of losing all its data. Been there, done that, can never rely on saving it.

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