Friday, January 05, 2007

Thursday's review

It's a dirty job but someone has to do it. Writing with little to report. England are officially the worst cricket team in the world not that long after being the best. How the mighty fall. How people like me almost feel responsible for a team's ups and downs is a mystery considering we don't play for them, but that's sport. Anyway, talking about sport is for plebs so enough of that.

I am dragging the bottom for ideas, and just thought of contacting a TV producer I worked with in 1978 to report about a mutual friend who introduced us who recently died. I hope she gets the email as it was a miracle I found anywhere to contact her but it has to be forwarded so she may still not get it, and then not necessarily reply. I've also requested copies of the digital photos the TV company took of us for my latest programme (why I didn't take my own is only down to being too busy to think of it, and expected theirs to be enough), as well as waiting daily for my video of it to arrive which I missed on Tuesday. have reliably failed to deliver my CD after 3 weeks and I'll have to fill in a refund form somehow. I suppose as good ideas come to me one in ten maybe get anywhere, possibly more, though from the people who do reply it's usually a hello, often followed by 'who are you?'. My memory is clearly better than 90% of the population, I wonder how other people can't recall people and events photographically as I do as we're all wired up roughly the same but apparently not. I see my mind as a well ordered filing system and see each area as pigeon holes with plenty of spare memory space between them. Helps me do quizzes as well.

So though my hits here have dropped off my flickr site has replaced the numbers for now with 50 hits a day this week. Taking photos almost every day and commenting on others is why, and the sad state of blogger with people dropping off each day till only a handful are active is the same for everyone here, not just me. But if there are few active blogs at least mine will stand out as one of them. I hope. I remember when I had to delete comments as there were so many though mostly from the same nutcase, and now if I get one a month it's a bonus. I still read every blog on my list plus a few more, but even though one's died a year ago (I must remove it) and some only post every few months I always check them. The next miracle is whether the opticians open till 6 tomorrow (no they won't, I've sussed them out, the time shown is a maximum, not an actual one) and then whether my TV producer replies. The video won't be here before Monday at the earliest, so will either come when I'm not here or wake me up as of course they only deliver mornings. I think if they ever went back to 2 deliveries I'd offer to do some late ones as it's the sort of job I like if only a few hours a day in the afternoon.

So, tomorrow is free again, all my work has dried up for now bar one, and besides photos and housework very little else to do with the time. One or two more speculative calls on their way just in case I get lucky, but can be embarrassing to chase people who hardly know or remember me, but there's no one else left. Networking for business and pleasure means you have to knock on hundreds of doors in case anyone answers. No one does my marketing for me besides my inside contact who gets me the TV work, but socially I'm certainly on my own. People don't chase me except the retards (can I say that?) and spongers and all the decent ones are long gone. Not even my fault, I just don't fit in any more. So I drift from project to project and every now and then make a little progress but with no lasting results. Yet.


Philosopher Newport said...

wonder if you've redd the book,Cosmic Ordering Service? i have not but thought of you when i redd about it.

David said...

I've heard the author interviewed and grasped the theory (hardly original). If correct it would affirm this is all a lucid dream which we can learn to manipulate. I doubt it very much.