Monday, January 01, 2007

First visit of the year

First visit 2007, ok, only a number, but the old gravestone situation is a number ahead for another 12 months but of course when it happens I won't be there to see it. The sort of thing you think about as time passes. Had a nice evening with 2 couples here last night and all brought enough food to open our own shop. No food shortage this week as always after people come over.
More photos today, rained all night, then sunny, and just started raining again which was something. I also checked some roads out around Hendon Way in case they were economical alternatives to Hampstead Garden Suburb (houses the size of Bekonscot, see Google). Not really came the answer. Some nice enough roads, some even looking like Golders Green the other side of the road despite being in Cricklewood (people actually live there?) but even the first road opposite Finchley Road to the west is totally different from HGS as not built by architects. East Finchley by where I lived was the best example. Miles of literal slums (worth half a million there and 30,000 in Middlesbrough, identical slums) on the edge of paradise relatively speaking.
The border has to come somewhere and in similar Blackheath they blocked all the roads to Kidbrooke council estate so it's physically impossible to cross the border from heaven to hell. HGS has no such restrictions and the roads off East End Road are truly Mephistophelean (I never thought I'd use that word in my life...). I literally came home depressed after walking round Oak Lane once, it was like the shamanic trip to rescue spirits from the underworld.

So, 2007 is 17 hours old (my computer says so) and I've been to Golders Green and the better part of Cricklewood (except for the Hocroft estate but they aren't so photogenic), this is life alone in London suburbia. I have a funny short video made last night on youtube (see satguru) though Mandy farted soon afterwards which could have gut me a featured video if she'd managed it in the 41 seconds my camera works for. The funny thing is a DVD camera is the same retail price as the digital with goodness knows how long at full quality, but the still camera is probably worse quality video than a cheap mobile. My friend's even plays back sound while mine only pictures unless you plug it into speakers and download it all first. I got Nick Roach's second book and though I read it before it is filling in many gaps as I read it again. If this leads to anything I will be greatly relieved, after over 3 years of understanding his system and getting apparently nowhere so far. But I see where enlightenment may already exist and trust he is experiencing (as all the other teachers must) something totally different from before otherwise why tell people about it. Makes sense. Now wait and see.

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