Saturday, December 23, 2006

Another week passes by

Fuck me... how long does it take to enter the new blogger? It's a Chinese puzzle and I had to right click the continue link and open it manually before I finally made it. Not in Beta mode? My arse- get those links working and hurry up about it!

So, being the first post on new blogger and starting with a rude word is typical as this week my floppy drive, ethernet card and new DVD burner (as well as my kettle) have all gone west and if any bug has got in the system to eat my hardware like a worm then I am not happy with it. The DVD was the reason the computer crashed as I tried each plug till that did it, and it's going in tomorrow for new parts. No accounts or saving anything else until then.
Otherwise a productive week, all my leaks repaired and lots of photos taken, little bits of shopping done and basically did all the jobs that needed doing for a change. Because of Christmas my glasses will be later than intended, it will be such a relief to see perfectly again though unless I'm driving or looking at Ceefax I barely notice at the moment.

I pass my blog site to the odd person and one by one the women I write about may well recognise themselves here. Now I only write nice things about them or not at all, one appears to have worked out I fancy the underwear off her but am too young (despite providing the potential of a man my age, if you get my drift). Another has it but I won't believe she's read it till she tells me (or comments in the box). Meanwhile my hits have slid to 7 a day recently, from the original 50. Of course the people who leave are the ones I want to say why and they aren't reading this to know. If I changed the system and commented more again it may get the odd visitor but they are rarely regulars. Now I am interested in following my progress to see if I ever make it in a number of areas:

Women, fame, not living alone, getting a new/old friend, peace of mind etc etc., and though these things have come and gone over the years I've been hoping to reclaim them all since they went some time ago, except fame which, like business, I am far more in control of than the personal stuff and haven't yet experienced. But of all of that ,list I'm closer to it than the others as it involves a clear step by step process and I am on the first one of a few. If a Channel 4 programme is made next year I should be in it and jump at least one more. I'm on Discovery Channel again around February though no exact date yet. I hope I'll be on closer to 10 minutes than the few in my debut but any exposure will help.
A book I read last week says only when we realise no one will rescue us do things start to improve. Now there only needs to be one person to start that process and one may be reading this now.

Plans? Get the computer fixed, get my new glasses (-3.75 in one eye already), save the accounts when the computer's working, finish tidying the house, wait for the next two women I know to contact me to see them, find out my TV showing, and get more visitors here somehow. At least I'm aiming for things that are realistic...

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