Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Only because I can

Literally the only reason I'm here is because I can. While the PC is undergoing the equivalent of a full internal I am getting the same speed broadband even with this laptop with a processor a quarter of the usual speed. And it worked from the last time I set it up with no need to reset from dialup, these things are clever now. Not that I have any more to report, all I did today was phone opticians, one by one eliminating days or whether they even have one on the premises. Besides that it was chilling out, and now I'm home with the broadband connected there's half an hour before the test match to fill with this malarkey.

This week luckily very few arrangements are pencilled or penned in, a couple are imminent besides the inevitable back and forth with the PC repair (or not). I have however asked another woman out and also emailed an old friend of the family in case he's internet friendly to look at my websites. I did go to the gym and managed to replace my 15kg dumbells with 17.5 for all 3 sets this time, I am slowly continuing to add weights to all the machinery after 4 years. I look in good shape now but not big besides my arms. As it's something useful to do and I meet people I'll carry on going as long as I can afford it, though whether it actually hooks me up with a woman is almost impossible, despite one blind date of the expected variety. The house needs tidying after the decorator moved everything and with the cleaner coming tomorrow goodness knows what I'll explain as she has about as much English as I have Portuguese. Fuder, methinks.

I'd do that to her as well but I can't rock the boat, especially as they're normally married to a bandit. Meanwhile I'm making the most of the newly appreciated internet access, though I won't delay household jobs so long in future until the thing packs up. I'd literally run out of things to do within a few days without it as on my own with no places really worth going to and no job the options are reducing. Plus I just left my mobile phone somewhere but should get it back tomorrow. That has its uses but many crap calls for the rare useful ones.
So I've literally been racking my brains to think of other things to do besides the internet. Only a few little official photo trips and they are only variations on a theme. I could meditate a lot and that would probably help more than anything, and may end up doing so for lack of alternatives. That is the making of saints and the motivation is irrelevant. You just do it. But in the long term I need an aim to keep me occupied, especially as I can't always rely on computers

From getting train tickets for many years, curtailed by the removal of the small ones, to going to model car shops, to window shopping while rarely buying anything and doing crosswords in Starbucks, each becomes used up and/or boring until things run out entirely.
Every now and then I get an idea or even an outside event that starts a new thread, such as remembering people after 5 to 35 years and seeking them online. Some become email friends, many live abroad but no revivals yet, male or female. Most are out of sight deliberately, though few old friends wouldn't be welcome here if they returned. The few who do bother with me are not local and rarely come west and I even more rarely go east, though one doesn't have visitors. So we speak on the phone but little more. The old female friends who divorced never returned despite being alone, even though I suspect one would have been happy with me from what she said, but she failed most of my tests as they all did. Only reason I'm not married now. So I carry on in apparently endless circles unless and until I am diverted somewhere better. I am not expecting a lot though.

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