Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Wednesday report

This new blogger has more bugs than Australia. It took two days to open the link by right clicking and opening in a new window, then not only couldn't it post an image it cleared my post and can't recover it. What a pile of shite. I'm breaking in my first bifocal varifocal lenses which arrived this afternoon, and if I look at anything at an angle it's blurred and will need some practice. I'll be getting some single visions for driving so I don't need to keep my eyes straight ahead.
Having finished my list of photos of places I knew I scanned the map to see new features and dug up many more. I started yesterday following the railway line through Kenton and have plenty ahead. I see so many fascinating places in between known roads now and had I had enough spare memory I'd have upped the pixels for this one of Kenton Station.

This is a country style tudor house worth well over a million in Hampstead Garden Suburb, I have so many pictures of the area I lived in and took for granted until forced to leave (or live in a flat, no way) when the family house was sold.

I had galloping vertigo this morning and as I only had it 12 years ago thank goodness that was the age of the remaining tablets which still seemed to do the job. I have to wait and see how that goes before I get my next glasses and take photos of the railway in Finchley, till then I'm slowly getting stuff done at home though I was just ok to pick my glasses up first. For any other anoraks (or opticians) out there my new prescription is -2 cylinder in both eyes plus a -1.75 sphere in the left and -.5 sphere in the right. Then a +1.25 addition for reading as he somehow knew I couldn't read without a correction with this prescription at my age (47 next month). I'm watching the Dr Who I missed on Christmas Day at 8, and little on after that besides possibly on cable. But I'm keeping busy more or less and can't ask for more than that. I wish I could...


Anonymous said...

Have you made a connection between varifocal glasses and vertigo? I first started using these glasses 7 days ago and 2 days ago woke up with extereme vertigo. A friend says she had trouble after using these lenses. Coincidence? What do you think?
Shamus 10

David said...

Thanks Shamus, but amazingly the vertigo was the morning I was due to collect the glasses, after a few days earache. The vision is pretty good now and can't complain at all as with my distance glasses I can't read at all close up. I do think I probably have some inner ear disturbance but has been a lot better in the last couple of months.