Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Life goes on

One by one jobs get done, and my vision was pretty different from the last test and will need bifocals as well as stronger distance glasses so money is an object... So I'll have to stop buying new frames for fun and settle for one pair and a spare like everyone else. But at least when they arrive I'll have top class vision again which'll be nice. Other than that it's been pissing around with the computer again, to the point not of repair but destruction while trying to revive the ethernet. Then the whole damn think stopped and the final action of reloading briadband worked, for usb anyhow. Let them fix the ethernet themselves, I've done all I can. Any internet is better than none now.

Otherwise there's little to report, the woman front creeps along slowly with Christine being in the recycle bin of life, no use but with a tiny chance of revival. Don't buy clothes online, whatever the size unless you try them on there's at least a one size variation in reality and mine arrived one a size too big and one too small but I just got away with it. Any more and it would be endless trips to the post office and postage costs on top. And these items weren't either in shops or as cheap had they been so it was worth the gamble.
Now after such fun and games being the highlights of the week I am struggling to squeeze another drop from my report. All I seem to do is act as a shield to all the arrows Shakespeare described long ago and hope as few as possible get through. One woman is possible soon so not all black ahead, though it may well only be a friendship. But it's a start and she is a lot nicer than the junk I currently have to deal with who treat me like a doormat or toilet roll depending on what day it is. It's really no surprise I've been searching in the realms of the supernatural for so long as it's my best chance of an escape. Life can (was) be bloody good but it can be hell as well. We need an escape route when it does and knowing spirits were around or I could be heard and seen by other dimensions would help a lot.

Tomorrow is currently a rare open book, time and light permitting I may take some more photos, my only reliable occupation I can do easily now. Little nearby left to take, one has severe traffic issues and the other is where I was today and will be Friday so no point making three in a row. So all I am doing now is making the most of my revived internet connection, the modem has never gone down for more than a few hours and I thought it would be a home visit. I won't be pissing around with plugs and programs again, if it works at all, leave it. I know it makes sense.

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