Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Everything and nothing

I hope I don't end up moaning again, I don't intend to and with the repair of my leaking pipes I should have at least one thing to be pleased about having waited months. There's a new internet explorer 7 just come down the line which looks interesting, is practically far harder to use, and the final sting is it doesn't browse webpages, so I'm back on Firefox. Microsoft have excelled themselves again with another crap package. Well done.

I am hoping my new bifocals will arrive early before Christmas or they may end up around a week late and I'd like to see properly again. OK, the difference while driving is barely noticeable but that's partly as I'm used to it. Tomorrow is free after today spent helping the plumber/electrician all afternoon, and I may manage to get my sunglasses made so I can see to drive perfectly sooner than later. I am wondering whether my hit counter is on a temporary decline, blogging has generally been replaced by videos or it's temporary. I see the day when it stays the same number for days or even weeks, and although I used to write for 50 people a day, it became 15 and when I look soon it may well be in single figures. I know it's not me as I write the same shit every time, so maybe people either want variety (it reflects life, I can only report what happens) or have better things to do than the internet unlike me. Even when I go out it's often to post later on as photos or blogging, and I am using it as a way to communicate everything to anyone who comes across it by accident.

Any tips on why IE7 is dead and whether it's happened to others would be much helpful, especially as I presume we've all been given the same 'upgrade' this week and those without an alternative browser are now paying upwards of 25p a minute to call their ISPs to ask why they can't go online. Bloody great.
Other than that I'd been discussing my mother's theories how I can improve my life and was told why they were way off base, as my spare time (99% of it is) is reasonably well used despite being alone a lot of the time nowadays, it wasn't about going out and mixing with people as I used to, but where and how I live, ie alone and not with a family of any type. Now that is the gap I want to fill and joining clubs isn't the way, meeting a woman I like who both likes me and is free to do something about it is, and Christine is the latest example of that, she appeared to but is far from free. If anything would force me out it would be her, travelling 50 miles would only really be worth it for someone like her and although testing my energy by doing the trip won't happen I would have tried. Not now. Her final sounding text she didn't want to contact me again seemed to override her initial plan to visit me when she came this way next year. Apparently she thought better of that as if the temptation's not there she can't act on it. Now if she isn't married to this guy and she finds she prefers me, why not? You move on and up with boyfriends and girlfriends till you want to keep one and in my case marry one, though she has been put off that for life. So they live seperately but she is as loyal to him as a husband so has no sensible reason not to be. Total madness and who loses out but me?

So visiting clubs and societies is to follow an interest. If you find friends there it's a bonus and I rarely have myself and I'd been going since I was about 7. We'd do our stuff, go home and meet the next week. I did see the rare person from groups and classes over the years but never really became friends with any. I met mine at school, on holiday and through my parents. Not now, except through my parents and they are either too old for me (it was their friend's children back then when they all lived together) or not interested. I met as many suitable women since I stopped socialising much but they all spat me out like I had a worm in me. Including Christine despite a definite wish to do the opposite. I am setting up my next as I write though I am in the sad position of comparing with the lost Christine now and need to see her and anyone else since as themselves without any reference to others. Well, that's Tuesday (OK, technically Wednesday), and maybe why so few people read this anymore. I have no idea.

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