Friday, December 15, 2006

You want a title as well?

I wonder if anyone's tried to do a blog as another person, certainly to break the monotony when things have got a bit stale. So let's have a quick go.

Good evening, this is Uri Geller, I am taking over here for a little to speak to all of you reading David's blog. Now many of you will have seen me bending spoons, there is so much more I do as well as this. I am not a healer but I believe in positive thought, and if we all put our thoughts together we can all work to get rid of the suffering in the world. If you want something to happen come up to the screen and find an item that is not working, like a watch or a radio set, and say to it 'work, work!'. My power will come through the screen and many of you will find strange things happening around you, many people have had things come back they have lost a long time ago, and items have moved around in the house when there was no one there to touch them. Believe, trust in the power of thought and you will move a mountain. I wish you all peace and love, goodbye.

OK, I'm back. Having met the great man a couple of times at lectures I'm pretty familiar with his routines, and I still can't disprove much of what he does. It's just odd no one else I've ever checked has ever been able to do anything that similar.

Rather than relate a week of banality anything is probably an improvement. I have had my eyes tested and can no longer get away with one lens per eye as the time has come for bifocals. Bloody expensive bifocals and not for over a week. But at least I'll be able to see very well as long as I don't put my new glasses on upside down. Other than that little task nothing has really changed since last visit. My floppy drive is now as dead as England's chances in the Ashes, typically as I need it to do my accounts work. So as soon as one problem's fixed two more arrive and at this rate there'll be nothing left of the old computer once every part's needed replacement.
So things are pretty quiet here at the moment with little or nothing seen ahead. Time can drag at times, mainly as I'm on my own and need luck or effort to speak to a real person I know rather than the local shopkeepers. There must be so many people in a similar position who also want to be with others but how on earth do you find them? Not by asking online I'll guess. The plumber promised to fix my dodgy boiler now it's really behaving badly but nothing there either as usual. He fitted it and really needs to do it himself. He was happy enough to do a job opposite but still avoids me like he's a woman.

Finally I did go somewhere tonight where I may have met someone from the internet, I'd forgotten his name but when I got to where he worked in a cinema they claimed not to know him. Very odd. One more set up for the new year so I will see. Meanwhile it's wait and keep waiting for anything else I need, though the 2 items of clothing I won on ebay arrived, one too big and different from what I expected and the other too small but both so cheap. Good value, not. And more to arrive soon. But it's only things and they can't take the place of people. Maybe I should stick as Uri Geller here...

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